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I have been teaching my clients for decades how to cut the cords that are keeping them attached to someone they have thought they let go of years ago.  Even though I teach this through my sessions it just doesn’t always seen to get through to my clients. So I have made a video on How to cut the Etheric Cords that are keeping you tied up.  I have had this video up for about one day and already clients that I’ve worked with for years are calling and saying now they really get what I was talking about and have done this process with the Archangels and feel a tremendous difference internally.

Take a few minutes and learn how to Work with the Archangels to be set free from relationships that you thought you had released. I have found that videos get through to people far more sometimes then my articles.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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Comments on: "How to Cut the Etheric Cords Binding You!" (7)

  1. Linda DuMont said:

    Thank you Billie! I am definitely going to use these techniques! It seems I hack away at these cords and am never fully able to release those or that, that no longer serves me, but I did not realize I could ask my angels and guides for assistance. With some of these attachments, the cords feel thin and will be easier to release, I imagine, but there are a few that feel thick and I ask myself, what else is there I need to learn, why can’t I move on? So I will begin to identify with which chakra I may be attached to with another, identify if the karmic work is done, then ask for assistance. I love the image of Archangel Michael and the blue sword! It conjures up the the image of the Jedi force! Thank you thank you thank you….may the force be with you always! Linda

    • I’m glad that this gave you more ideas of the types of cords that can be attached to you. I have had an overwhelming response to this video. Many people are writing me and telling me that the followed what I have outlined and they feel a big shift in their energy. Much lighter. I know that following this you will feel much better. You are doing a good job on your spiritual self, just be patient. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  2. Sharon Verrexhia said:

    I need to do this to be free, and to move on. Thank you Billie, for the information. 😊

  3. There’s a chord to a certain person I’ve been cutting (you know who), but the person is contacting me and we are inevitably a part of each other’s lives. Can I cut the chord so that this person has no more control over me, but we’re still in touch? I say the prayer every evening..

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