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Beckie and Bubba

Beckie and Bubba

A wonderful client, named Beckie, has been following my work for many years.  She contacted me two weeks ago to have the Guided Journey Into Spirit.  Her son, Bubba who was only 24 years old, passed away four years ago.  He was born with incredible health problems due to prematurity causing cerebral palsy, severe pulmonary problems, he could not walk and was limited in his verbal communication abilities.  Beckie sent me pictures of Bubba and he had such a beautiful spirit about him.  She said he was always happy and had a way without words of making everyone else happy around him.

Bubba was having a procedure conducted in a hospital when he was administered an excessive amount of medication and it caused him to pass. The heartbreak for Beckie and her daughter was enormous as he brightened up their life so much.  I liked hearing about him before we did the Guided Journey.  I was able to pick up his spirit and start connecting with him prior to our appointment.  It’s always a blessing for me when I start sensing who we are contacting.

The other night we had our session going into spirit.  Beckie was able to clearly see the spirit world section that we where in. Her Guardian angel was there to greet her, but she could not see or hear the angel speak to her. One of the reasons was she kept hearing outside noises and they were distracting her from letting go completely. She expressed this to me so I would understand what was going on for her.  I felt good that she was able to see the spirit world and did not feel that this was a major problem.  We were taken to a little cottage and she went inside with me.  It had a big fireplace and only one piece of furniture, a large sofa.  There was a young man sitting on the sofa when we entered.  I directed her to sit down as I knew this was Bubba.  He was a handsome young man with absolutely no health problems.

Beckie could see the outline of his body and knew that he was there and was filled with so much happiness and excitement at being able to see Bubba.  He got up and started dancing around the room with enjoyment of seeing his mother once again.  She was able to see the dancing outline of Bubba. He wanted her to see him whole and complete.  Beckie told me that Bubba immensely loved music and would try to move as though he was dancing when he was alive.  This was making her extremely happy. She was still having problems hearing what he was saying to her due to the noise distractions.  Normally I do not get involved with the conversations as my main purpose is to be a guide.  In this situation, I knew that I had to give her the messages that Bubba was saying.

He had so much to tell her about his life now and all the things that he was able to do in the spirit world. Bubba works with people who pass over and have similar disabilities as he had.  He helps them adjust to having a complete spiritual body.  He told her how much he enjoyed flying around on the backs of dragonflies.  She told me that from the time she had been a small child, she had always loved and been fascinated by dragonflies.  She had never told Bubba about this, so for her this was a great confirmation of who was there with her. I wanted Beckie to be able to fully visualize him and did not know how I was going to get this to happen when suddenly the door to the cottage opened and in stepped Michael Jackson.  This was such a great shock to me, as I had not communicated with Michael Jackson in six years.

He went over to the fireplace and when he stood there Bubba joined him and together they started dancing.  The moment this happened Beckie was finally able to see Bubba as well as Michael Jackson.  They just kept dancing in unison.  This made her immensely happy, as she was finally able to fully visualize her precious, beloved son after so long.

They performed elaborate dancing together and for me it was really something to see because I knew Michael had been working in spirit with Bubba.  I always knew that Michael was doing great spiritual work and here he was showing some of the work he had done.

Beckie sat on the sofa and just enjoyed seeing her son free from his physical body and moving with such freedom and joy.  When at last the dancing ended, Bubba stood on the right side of her and Michael on the left and all three embraced in one group hug. Beckie stated she was able to feel the love from both Bubba and Michael that they were feeling and giving to her.

Afterwards, Beckie, Bubba, and Michael exited the cottage and started back through the path we had come in on.  We came to the place of departure and Beckie was able to give a final big hug to her beloved Bubba.

When we came back into the third dimension Beckie was still tremendously overwhelmed with joy.  I told her to make sure she wrote down everything she could remember right away so she would not lose the memory of this wonderful and loving experience.  At that point, we said good night.

I called Beckie the next day to see how she was doing and she was still on cloud nine from this experience.  It was wonderful to hear her share what she received from this unique journey.  I have a feeling she’s going to be able to sense and feel Bubba more easily from now on.

Whenever she really wants to connect all she has to do is listen to some Michael Jackson music and both of them will be there for her.  Beckie had been listening to music quite often during the past two months and without knowing why, she would stop and take notice when a song came on the radio of Michael Jackson singing. Now Beckie fully understood the significance of this.

It was wonderful to see the powerful spirits that both Bubba and Michael have become.

What is life like for Michael Jackson in spirit?

MJ in Spirit

I always enjoy doing these journeys in the spirit world as my clients receive so much that is helpful to them. This one was quite different for me because I had the honor of being able to channel Michael Jackson right after he died in 2009 and I got to know his spirit and who he was for the six months that I was in communication with him. At that point he needed to be left alone so that he could go through his own personal healing. The reason he reached out to communicate was because the pull of his fans was so strong on him and he had such a love for people that he wanted to try to make them not feel so sad or angry at his passing.

I cannot begin to express how surprised I was at seeing him again after so many years. He did not communicate with me because his reasons for being there was for my client Beckie and for her son Bubba. It just made my heart feel really good to see him once again.

If you would like to learn more about my messages from Michael click here.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


Comments on: "Reunited In Spirit. A Mother’s Story" (11)

  1. Thank you Cherokee for sharing this beautiful experience that you gave Beckie and her son, with us. So fabulous that you got to see Michael again – I still think about him and miss him greatly, even after almost seven years!

    Bless you, will write soon

    • Thank you for your kind words and I’m so glad this story touched your heart. Yes, it was quite a surprise for me to see Michael once again. As you know I do not try to contact anyone in spirit anymore. I look forward to hearing from you. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  2. Thank you for this on this day. I was grieving so much, and yet just saw my beloved dog, Babe, who has passed this week, in a cloud of angel feathers! How ironic that I turned my iPad on to see your article in my news feed! I love reading of your work and have faith in spirit that always helps me out! God Bless you Billie, you always help affirm my feelings of love that is only from our Heavenly Father.

  3. Linda DuMont said:

    This touched me very deeply on so many levels, Billie. Thank you for sharing such a special experience for this mother and son, guided by you. And then to have Michael present……what a Divine blessing for all! I am so thankful to know that he continues his work from the other side…..what a special spirit he is! Thank you, Billie, for your precious gifts. Linda

    • I’m so glad this touched you in a special way. I only write about the journeys into spirit that I feel have made a significant difference for the person I’m taking in and for myself. Yes, Michael Jackson is special and continues to help those in spiritual need. I always appreciate your comments. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie ❤

  4. robjam972000 said:

    Hi CB… I haven’t caught up with you for ages, but today I thought of your blog and decided to have a look and I saw this post. It made me smile and so lovely with the connection with Michael Jackson with you clients lovely son. I’ve been having a challenging time lately with the death of my twin sister in December and my lovely Maine Coone Polly going missing in October. We now have another kitty called Sookie. I do hope your health has improved and I often think of you. Lots of Love Susan (New Zealand) XOX

    • Good to see you here are once again. So sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. I know how close you were. Just seems like things have been going haywire for you. I know that you miss Polly and perhaps she will come back. I’m glad this article spoke to you. It was an amazing experience. It was nice to see Michael after so many years. I hope you come back more often. With love, Cherokee Billie

  5. robjam972000 said:

    Yes, thanks I will. Yes, how lovely for you to see Michael again. He is still around me quite a lot. He most probably guided me to take a look at your Blog today 😉 Maybe he will visit you more now too. Yes, very challenging time. I’ll probably write about it all soon. Lots of Love back XOX

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