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Candles alight

Burning steadfast and true

Silent night

Whispering a prayer for you

Children playing in the snow

Adults running to and fro

Fireplace warming with its glow

Breathe out now; let it go


Snowflake kisses

resting on my cheek

Heartfelt wishes

reaching their peak

Cherished memories my soul does keep

Flowing into my core so deep

Into the ground the snow will seep

Love abounds for us all to reap


Wonderful scents

filling every home and nose

Family portraits

everybody strike a pose!

Lovers under the mistletoe sharing a kiss

Children gazing at the tree, their eyes a pure bliss

At this time of year, nothing’s amiss

We all wish it could remain exactly like this


Lights all increase

in every window and tree

A prayer for peace

for you and for me

Sparkling colours all around

Palpable excitement abound

Snow glitters on the ground

The spirit of the season us surround


Peace on earth

and goodwill to all

Witness light’s rebirth 

Hopes rising tall

It’s Christmas time, it’s time to be

looking up towards the star; it’s there, see?

Hearts overflowing with warmth and glee

and with a new hope, for you and for me

Comments on: "The Christmas Poem By Livnam Kaur." (6)

  1. Oh hey, thanks for posting it here 😀 Hope people like it!

  2. Linda DuMont said:

    Livnam captured the true essence and bliss of this season! Thank you for sharing with us! Lifts my spirit!

  3. Sharon Verrechia said:

    Such a beautiful Christmas poem. ❤️

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