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This dimension that we live in and the spirit world meet in October.  This is the time that the veil that separates us thins.  This has been known throughout the beginning of time. This is one of the reasons that nowadays there is a celebration in October called Halloween. Originally this was known as Samhain a Gaelic festival held on October 31–November 1. The Irish name Samhain is derived from Old Irish and means “summer’s end” and also November. It marked the end of the harvest, the end of the “lighter half” of the year and beginning of the “darker half”.

To find out what this October can bring into your life listen to my video.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. Sharon Verrechia said:

    I watched your video, it’s great! Lots of information, and beautiful pictures. Thank you Billoe ❤

  2. hocuspocus13 said:

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  3. Robin Scott said:

    Thank you for all your posts Billie. There are many days where your posts just make my day and keep me informed. Keep them coming!!

    • I appreciate your kind words and I’m glad that what I post is of value to you. You made my day because sometimes I wonder if anybody is watching my videos. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  4. Linda DuMont said:

    Oh, Billie, your video was so informative and helped me understand some things that I have pondered for many years. i have always wondered why so many people die this time of year. All of my grandparents and Mother have passed over during October, November, early December. And the obituary column is always fuller this time of year. I now understand that it is a very spiritual time and the veil is thinner, making it easier to transition. Thank you so much! You are such an inspiration in my life and I greatly appreciate all that you share, so willingly! Blessing of Love and ongoing strength to you! Linda

    • I knew that many people were not aware of the statistics about people dying in October and all of the connections about the spirit world. This is why I made the video. I’m so glad that it clarified things for you in your life and that I help you and your spiritual path. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  5. Loved the video, and thank you for being such a great teacher!

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