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This Season of Change

282986_427893833899500_1229462032_nNow is the time to fully embrace Mother Nature’s wonderful and colorful changes. Be flexible like this season’s and willing to change for the better. Remember it is never too late to change your life.

My wish for you is that something always great and good happens in your life this month and every month… May all your dreams come true …

Sending You Blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Some Good Advice from a Pumpkin

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  1. Linda DuMont said:

    I love it!!! And I feel it!!! Even here in Southern California, we experience the subtle change. The sugar maple trees are the best at reminding us of this transformational time of year; turning from green to vivid red! I want to be like that pumpkin! We have fields and fields of the lovely orange beings, growing along the common roadways, wishing and waiting patiently for a chance to go home and transform into a jack-o-lantern, pie, or Autumn decoration. It is a joyful, abundant time of year! I am in gratitude for the eyes to see, the nose to smell, the ears to hear, the mouth to taste this luscious season! I share all the blessings with you, Billie!

    • Dear Linda: I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Somehow I missed your post. Thank you for your wonderful comments about the fall season. It’s just such a lovely time of year when the trees release of their dead leaves to make room for the new that will come in spring. Wishing you a wonderful and happy fall season. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie ❤

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