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Feng Shui Basics for Beginners

While many people have heard of feng shui, few understand what it actually is.  The practice of feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement. Feng shui facilitates the flow of energy within a person’s home environment, helping to enhance one’s personal energies and create a positive atmosphere in which to live. Not only has feng shui been proven to create calmer and more harmonious home atmospheres, it also extends into every aspect of one’s life – including work, marriage, friendships, and personal health. Once a person learns how to effectively channel the energy or “Qi” within their home, they are capable of finding greater peace and serenity in the outside world as well.

Feng shui aims to replicate the perfect balance of nature in our artificial surroundings – as such, it is used primarily in architecture, landscaping, garden planning, and interior design. The principles of feng shui rely on nature’s five elements: water, fire, earth, wood, and metal. Each element has certain colors and pieces of furniture that correlate to that element and influence how energy or Qi is directed. For example, water influences the clearing of the mind, body, and spirit and helps bring a sense of tranquility. Colors like grays and dark blues and furniture such as aquariums and mirrors can influence a sense of calmness to a room. For those interested in trying feng shui, it is not an easy, one day fix; instead, it takes an extended period of time for a person to change a negative atmosphere into a positive one.

In order to understand how to use feng shui in one’s home, a person has to understand what they are influencing. It was mentioned that feng shui influences “Qi”. Qi (pronounced chi) is the life energy that we hold within ourselves and what surrounds us. Originating from China, Qi is translated to mean “air” or “breath”. Qi is also divided into two categories: Congenital Qi (the energy we are born with) and Acquired Qi (the energy we receive based on diet and lifestyle). If we eat healthy and exercise regularly, then we will gain positive Qi. However, an unhealthy lifestyle or environment can cause a deficiency in Qi and pave the way for disease and negativity. Feng shui has the power to influence our Qi, removing obstructions in our path towards a better life.

The practice of feng shui is customizable according to a person’s needs, but certain tenets must be adhered to. The first principle in feng shui is to get rid of clutter – clutter in a room blocks the energy flow and creates a stagnant and negative environment. Clean windows and adequate sunlight also affect how energy flows through. Mirrors should also be positioned in areas where the flow of Qi may be disrupted. Secondly, a person cannot simply choose what colors or pieces they like and put them together. Because different colors and furniture pieces associate with the different elements, there are some pieces of furniture and colors that cannot be side by side, else they will clash. For example, because water and fire are opposite elements, the colors and furniture pieces associating with them cannot be placed side by side.

In ancient China, feng shui was first used in the placement of grave sites – traditionally, it was important to place the graves of one’s ancestors in areas what would be untouched by floods (water) and typhoons (wind). According to experts at Dominion Power, The Great Wall of China was even built with feng shui design principles in mind. Beijing was also selected as the capital due to its favorable feng shui placement within the country.

Salt can also benefit the energy in your home. Place a small bowl of salt in a corner of each room as it helps to draw out any negative energies.

Not only can feng shui change the atmosphere of one’s home, it also has the ability to favorably impact one’s health, marriage, and even career path. By simply taking the time to understand and appreciate the flow of Qi of your home environment, it’s possible to manifest more positive energy in all aspects of your life.

If you would like help with Feng Shui for your home or office please contact me and I will assist you in finding the right elements and balance for your life.

Listen to my video to learn how simple techniques can change your life.I give instructions for changing each room in your house. 

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

©2015 Cherokee Billie

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  1. Linda DuMont said:

    Well, Billie, you got me on this one! I have been a collector for so many years, my collections have taken over my space! I live in a tiny little house to boot, no garage and I like to make things….props for theater, dolls, stone and crystal goddesses, and more….and all my little bits of materials are here and there!!! My husband can’t breathe! Then add 4 dogs, 4 birds, 1 cat, 1 Russian tortoise…..I am sure the image you are conjuring up in your mind is frightful! I actually have a sign outside the front door that says….Enter if you Dare! I know……I work full time and am super tired when I get home….my escape is yoga classes….my husband the computer or the beach. I have the best of intentions to get organized one of these days…..I have the bad habit of thinking….Oh I can use that someday for something! I promise…..I will get with the program soon! Lighten the load….then Feng Shui!!! Many thanks for the reminder!Linda

    • I am so glad that this message hit home for you. As I state clutter stops the energy flow. You’ll feel a lot better the more you get rid of things. Years ago I learned not to hold on to things and I have let go of everything that I do not need and it has benefited me. I hope you are able to do this. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  2. I love this article. I am moving in a few months, an I will apply Feng Shui in the new house. Thanks Cherokee!

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