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Thank you for being with me this past year!

Today marks one year since my cat, Tigre, ran in front of me and I fell onto the floor.  I can never forget that moment.  The damage it did was not only to my feet, but has had a ripple effect throughout my whole body.  I was already weak and debilitated due to being bedridden for 25 years due to an accident to my hips as well as having Sympathetic Reflex Dystrophy, Fibromyalgia among the multitude of ailments that I have.  It is difficult for many people to understand what this has done to my body.

I have to say that this last year has been the worst year of my life, not only experiencing new levels of being disabled, but the loss of my precious Isis. I do not feel sorry for myself, because I realize that life is not always a bed of roses.

The bright spot out of this whole year has been those of you who have kept me going financially as well as mentally with your love and support.  I am grateful to every one of you who has stood by me this past year.

It is not easy exposing my whole life to the world, but it was necessary in order to survive.  You never know what you might have to go through to survive.  So many people that have contacted me and are regular contributors have been homeless or seriously ill and understand what it feels like.

There are good people in the world who do care and I have been blessed many times over by their kindness.  I have met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.

Whatever you are going through know that it doesn’t hurt to reach out and let people know how you are suffering because there may be someone out there who can help you. Sure there will be detractors, but that’s where you need to be strong inside of your spirit and fight with everything you have got to survive.  That’s what I have been doing and if I can do it so can someone else.

Thank you to everyone who cares.

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Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


Comments on: "One Year Anniversary of My Fall." (8)

  1. The world is blessed to have you living amongst us. I wish more people would see that.

  2. I just don’t have words right now. Your spirit is so uplifting. You are amazing. Thank you for all you do! Much love to you.

    • I do my best to uplift people and show them that no matter what you are going through you can be an inspiration to others. I really appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  3. I agree, the world is blessed to have you here. You have given so much – and that’s something I’ll never forget – so you have every right to reach out for help, and I hope you get many blessings. Please believe if I could help you I would in an instant.

    With Love

    • You made me laugh with the statement that the World Is Blessed having me in it. 🙂 I’m not so sure about that. I just try and do my best to everyday and hope that I am able to help people. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie ❤

  4. Janine Leigh Goodson said:

    i understand , this past spring , i found out i had a meningioma brain tumor its not cancer, but it still a big deal it was sitting on my motor skills , on left side of my brain near the center of my head, so i had it removed august 4 2015 , now its left me with my upper right leg being numb and my reasoning and think process a bit slow and incontinence issues .. so learning how to deal with the mobility issues also probably wont be able to return to work ,, , but if i hadnt had it removed eventually i would have been totally paralyzed but anyways your post on facebook are very inspirational and uplifting ..

    • Wow, it certainly sounds like you have been through it all this past year. I can understand how difficult it is getting used to things in your body not working correctly. It was quite a shock for me 25 years ago when suddenly I couldn’t do anything for myself. I do know that I can inspire and keep people motivated and that’s what I try to do. I appreciate your kind words and I will lift you up in prayer. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie ❤

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