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I have created a new video in which I discuss with you the wonderful power and healing of crystals that you can apply in your everyday life. This is especially important for you to work with crystals during a Full Moon, which is approaching on August 29.- Learn More

In this video I will explain:

  • The history of crystals.
  • Their uses.
  • How to work with crystals.
  • How to cleanse, charge, and program your crystals.

So take a few minutes and watch my latest video.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Comments on: "Discover the Healing Power of Crystals‏" (4)

  1. This is a fabulous video, very educational. Thank you so much for the info – I love crystals!

  2. Linda DuMont said:

    I am so blessed to be a crystal energy Lightworker and was only more validated by your teaching about the healing power of crystals! They are my best friends and bring me so much love, joy and blessings daily! I sleep with them periodically, wear them, drink them in my water, do healing mandalas for those in need, give them, receive from them. I see many others are opening to all the possibilities the mineral kingdom has to offer us in this time of great need. In gratitude for you, Cherokee Billie!

    • What a lovely comment you wrote. I’m glad that my video helped you further in your use of crystals. They definitely can do so much if people would just learned how to work with them. Everything in nature is ours to use and to spread the light to those who need it. Thank you for being in light worker. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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