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terrific-picture-of-the-king-copiaIt’s hard to believe it’s been six years since Michael Jackson passed. True legends never die and Michael Jackson will always be remembered as one of the greatest entertainers ever.

Michael’s style was unique and totally original. From the time he became famous as a child it was evident that there was something different about this young boy. As he grew and became an adult he proved what a remarkable artist he was with his dynamic album “Thriller.” His dancing was magical and there was no way you could not take your eyes off of him when he performed. He knew how to captivate an audience.

His charitable work was a constant love of his. When he was alive he gave to more charities than any other entertainer at that time. He had great empathy for those that were suffering in this world. He understood suffering as he did not always have an easy life growing up and being famous. They were both difficult and filled with hardships. People only saw the glitz and the glamour and not what went on behind the scenes.

No matter what he was going through Michael always did his best to show appreciation and love for his fans. He understood that they were the reason he was successful.

His passing at the age of 50 was a shock for so many, but I feel that the pressures he went through took a hard toll on his life. What he did was leave a great legacy of work in his music, dancing, poetry, writing, and humanitarian work.

I was privileged to be able to speak to his spirit after his passing and I learned a great deal about Michael Jackson that I never knew. I had not been a fan of his although I always knew he was a great entertainer. I prefer hard rock and roll and his type of music just did not appeal to me.

Channeling his spirit changed my life in more ways than one. I never would have thought of contacting his spirit, but I was asked by a radio station if I could contact him a few days after his passing. I was able to do it on radio and from there I continued channeling him until he had delivered the messages that he wanted his fans to hear and then it was time for him to move forward on his spiritual journey.

If you would like to hear one of the messages I received from Michael’s spirit Click Here.

Getting close to his spirit helped me understand this gentle soul and what he went through during his lifetime. It’s easy for people to judge another, but until you walk or moonwalk in another’s shoes, you do not know what they have gone through. Michael was a beautiful soul who was greatly misunderstood. I know that he is happy and at peace in the spirit world.

Whenever I put my CD player on jukebox and the song ‘Billie Jean’ comes up I just consider it a little hello from Michael and it always makes me smile. His music was the gift he left the world and through it he will always communicate.

His music and performances will always live on. Many generations from now people still will be emulating his performances. His legacy will never die!

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. Your channeling of Michael was a catalyst for me leaving organized religion and making me explore my own heart. Thank you for posting this lovely little tribute to him.

    • I know how much Michael’s messages meant to you after his passing. It’s wonderful that those messages helped you find your own spirituality. I will always be grateful to Michael for connecting with me. I had no clue who he really was and it was a privilege to get to know that beautiful spirit. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  2. So hard to believe 6 years have passed!

  3. Thank you for remembering Michael on this sad day. I will always appreciate the messages you channeled from him – they will always be special to me. Today also marks the start of our friendship which I am so grateful for.

    Love you
    Love Michael

    • Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, it was a sad day for the world, but I know that Michael’s spirit is at work in the lives of many people and always will be. I am grateful that it brought us together as well. Sending you lots of love and light, Cherokee Billie ❤

  4. Michael was love. He always will be. Thanks again, Billie. There are moments when I miss him too much. Like around the time he passed and his birthday. I love him. But, now, I know he lives on and to me he’s alive more than ever. I just want to know Billie, when we pass, do we see others the way we do in the physical world? Can we touch and feel? I think I know the answer to this, but I just need to be validated, I guess. Lol.

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