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Isis Grave33Today marks one week since Isis crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  This is a picture of her grave.  The doctor put her in a special casket and buried her in his backyard.  He just sent me this picture and I had to share it.  It broke my heart to see it. You can tell this doctor has an incredibly kind heart.  I miss Isis so much.

I have to deal with my other cat Tigre being incredibly sick with a kidney infection and possible diabetes, and praying that she does not pass as I feel it would be too heavy a burden all at once on me. Tigre has been hospitalized this last week as well.  So I’ve been alone since the passing of Isis.

tigre tables

I have lost many of my babies over my lifetime, but Isis was the most special one of them all. I have her collar hanging on my monitor, which she layed under so frequently. I know that she’s still visits and that we will be together again. It just does not diminish the pain and the emptiness. Many of you know that I am bedridden and these two babies have been all the family that I’ve had for many years. They have been my constant companions. They are the best!

I want to thank all of you who have expressed your condolences and a special thanks to those of you who have helped contribute to paying the veterinary bills.

With love,
Cherokee Billie



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  1. Linda Zink said:

    I’m praying for you Cherokee Billie! You touch my life, you are important to many, I’m sure. You’re not alone and Isis will always live on in your heart with the fondest of memories; for which you must be very grateful! I’m so thankful that you were blessed with such a gift in life such as Isis; I think it’s proof of just how much you mean to God. Love Always, Linda DeRycke

    • Dear Linda: Thank you so much for your kind words. I always hope that what I’m doing is reaching people’s hearts and helping them to open up to their full potential. If Isis was proof of God’s love than I am certainly loved. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  2. dear Billie
    many hugs and love to you in this sad and grieving time…prayers to Tigre to be home with you really soon and be able to manage her health needs..I Know she is grieving too love jenny

    • Thank you Jenny for your kind words and support. Yes, Tigre does miss Isis. That’s part of the reason the doctor feels she had diabetes was the shock. I will always miss Isis, but I know her spirit is still with me. Lots of love, Cherokee Billie

  3. Tarryn said:

    What a kind thing for your vet to to for Isis. I can imagine how much you miss her. I pray for you and your other little baby, I hope she gets better soon. I have two little wooden boxes with my two dogs ashes in, the place where my vet sent them to be cremated also placed a lovely poem in each box. I would love to post the poems on here sometime, It always brakes my heart to look at those two little boxes.

    • I thought it was an extraordinary thing for doctor to have so much compassion and love. He had never seen Isis before, but she was so special anyone who is you’re her felt it. I would love to read your poems and feel free to post them here. I have had dogs as well and they’ve always been cremated. I spread their ashes in a animal memorial park. I appreciate your love. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

      • Tarryn said:

        Here is one of the poems

        I Only Wanted You
        They say memories are golden
        well maybe that is true;
        I never wanted memories
        I only wanted you.
        A million times I needed you
        a million times I cried;
        If love alone could have saved you
        you never would have died.
        In life I loved you dearly
        In death I love you still;
        In my heart you hold a place
        no one could ever fill.
        If tears could build a stairway
        and heartache make a lane;
        I’d walk the path to heaven
        and bring you back again.
        Our family chain is broken
        and nothing seems the same;
        But as God calls us one by one
        the chain will link again.
        Author – Vicky Holder

  4. I had a guinea pig (Kaiser) from 2001 – 2004, and due to illness we had to let him go. His urn stands in my living room for all to see. I’ve had Michael the cat since June 2, 2010, and I don’t know what I’d do when or if he goes. Once again, I’m sorry for the loss of Isis, and I’m praying for Tigre. Isis is waiting on the other side with a ball of yarn 🙂

    • Thank you for always being here for me. I remember you telling me about your guinea pig before. They are really great little animals. I know how much you love little Michael, But try not to think about what’s in the future and love him now. That’s how I feel about Tigre. I have to make sure that I love her more than ever because she is going through such pain not only physically, but emotionally. Sending you lots of love and light, Cherokee Billie

    • Barbara Jensen said:

      I am so very sorry for your loss. I can not lie and say I know what your going thru, because I have never lost a child. But know my Sister my love, heart, tears, and prayers are with you. If ever you even just need to talk feel free to inbox me anytime. I am always here for you. . ….. Your Sister. Barbara Jensenbelsky. NAMASTE!!

      • Thank you so much Barbara. I appreciate your kind offer and your condolences. Grief is one of the most difficult things to go through and we all go through it differently. Yes, I will survive, but there will always be an empty place in my heart until I meet Isis once again. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  5. I am so sorry for your loss. Isis was a part of your life for such a long time. May her spirit be happy and healthy now.

    • Yes she was a very big part of my life for so long. I still find myself crying daily. Her death is one of the hardest things I have experienced in my life and my life has certainly not been easy. Thank you so much for caring. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  6. Robin Scott said:

    So sorry for your loss of your beautiful Isis. I too have lost many animals over my lifetime. My oldest Mitten passed when she was 18, Honey when she was 14. I have one left – Ally and she was my mother’s cat, before she passed, so I will have her for a long time. In time your heart will mend, as you know, but I know the sadness you feel. I am so sorry you are bedridden right now. My prayers sent for you to get better soon. Take care and know you are not alone in your grieving.

  7. Sharon Verrechia said:

    I know how much you and Tigre are grieving for Isis. It is such a nice thing for the vet to make Isis a special place. Many blessing to you my dear friend.

    • Dear Sharon: Yes the two of us are grieving together. I thought the doctor was extremely kind to make a grave for my baby. I’m going to see if I can get a special marker made for her grave. Thanks for all your support. Sending you love and light, Cherokee Billie

  8. Kamala said:

    Dear Cherokee Billie,
    I’m saddened to hear about Tigre! She mourns, as you do, over the absence of her companion, Isis. I send you both my love and healing light!
    Bless the Vet for providing a respectful grave for a very special cat!
    I am hopeful that Tigre will find the strength and improved health to continue to be by your side.
    May you both feel peace in your hearts! It’s what Isis would want for you both.

    • Poor little Tigre, I knew she was sick before Isis passed, But I thought it was her usual inflammatory bowel disease. She went hysterical the day after Isis was gone and I know she knew she had passed. The doctor feels that the diabetes may not be permanent and that it has to do with grief. Who says animals don’t have souls? They know everything. This doctor has been so good with Tigre over the years and he was so kind and gentle on how he took Isis in to spirit. He told me a rethinking was going to do and I was on the phone talking with her the whole till I knew she was on the other side. I know that Isis wants us to be as happy as possible. I just simply look forward to being with her again. Wonderful to hear from you once more. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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