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Isis hospital

My beloved cat Isis Is fifteen years old and the first cat that I ever had and has been my constant companion over the past fifteen years. She was a rescue kitty and had been on the streets prior to my getting her. She is afraid of all people accept me.  She is the most incredible mystic I have ever met. Please watch the video below that tells you an example of her abilities.

She never had a health problem, but for several years I have observed her weight going down more and more and lately she is unable to control her bladder.  She started vomiting and completely unable to control her bladder starting Saturday.  I sent her to get an initial blood work up yesterday and the results came back with her having several infections not only in the bladder but in the urethra, kidneys, and severe diabetes, which explains the weight loss over the years.  She is unable to completely evacuate her bladder at this time a.  She has had a sonogram, additional blood work, receiving fluids and antibiotics through an IV at this time.   After the examination the doctor has found that what her main problem is a one kidney not functioning and a large kidney stone. She has a major infection in the kidney. At this time she is receiving an IV to get the infection down and then the doctor has to decide what course would be best to try to break up the kidney stone or if surgery is needed.

This is her on the examination table

Isis table

You can see the stone in this sonogram. When you think about how small the kidney is on a cat you realize how serious this is.

Xray Kidney stone

She is my baby and I would like her to be with me for as long as possible. I am bedridden and she has been my main companion for fifteen years.

My heart is breaking because my beloved cat Isis is in serious condition right now. I really don’t know if she’s going to make it. If you can send a small donation, to help pay the veterinarian medical bills, it would be greatly appreciated. .  I thank you in advance for your donation and please share this page with everyone you can because you never know where help can come from. Here is the link to donate and share:

Bless you,


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  1. Sharon Verrechia said:

    Prayers for Isis.

  2. Beautiful protector Isis much healing for your baby Isis love jenny

  3. I’m so sorry to hear how sick your Isis is, I know how special your cats at are to you. I pray you get what you need to help her.

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