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sad-houseHave you experienced a great sadness? Have you moved into a house where a death or divorce occurred? Clear your house energy and start fresh now!

Houses are safety deposit boxes of accumulated emotion.

Fights, lovemaking, peace and sickness leave “Spiritual Fingerprints” within the walls, carpeting, appliances and cupboards. The energy of each occupant leaves their signature “Essence” that spins in suspended animation until cleared out. Like music, certain people are tuned in to specific energy within a house. For example, anyone that has observed their neighborhood knows certain houses attract the same kind of people over and over. Oddly, some houses even seem to attract illness to the occupants within.


Just like the attraction to a person or animal, when we walk into a home we either feel comfortable or so overwhelmed we want to run. The walls that surround us whisper energy stories. We can “feel” them. Perhaps this is why a troubled house keeps on attracting cops or sickness. A party house consistently, much to our anger, keeps on being the noisy one on the block. Or there is the house that always attracts gardens, or artists. Like music, the vibrations/energies of a house attract specific kinds of people.


SMUDGE: White Sage can be purchased in leaf or bulk at health food stores as well as novelty shops. Place the leaves in a large shell, or bowl, light the leaf tips and walk from room to room, closets and corners lifting the bowl of sweet scented smoke into the air high and low. Make sure you open a window so negative energies can exit. Click Here For Detailed Instructions On Smudging.

WHITE LIGHT: Sending the white light of God through a home can get rid of all negative energy use. Learn more about this incredible spiritual tool by Clicking Here. 

BELLS: {Walk from room to room, closet, and into corners, as you ring the bells crisply into the air. The pleasant sound and vibration of the bells wakes up and clears sad and troubled energy.

CHIMES: Place chimes in your windows or where air from a furnace duct or ceiling fan can reach them. These pretty tones will bless your home.

Don’t forget prayer. Your Angels, Ancestors, and Guides always lead your path, bless your choices, and help you to manifest an essence of peace in your environment.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


Comments on: "Spring Spiritual Cleansing For Sad or Troubled Houses" (12)

  1. Good Spring Cleaning reminder to do it all. Now that it is April, I realize March was not a s windy as usual and the woods are left with more fragile but heavy branches hanging in the trees and teetering widow makers (dead trees about to fall). Perhaps some of us People have not swept out everything, either. Thank you, Grandmother.

    • Thank you for your comment. It is a good reminder for people to clean out their lawns as well as their houses. I’m glad that what I posted was helpful for you. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

      • 😀 😀 No “lawns” here 😀 😀 I’m in the woods and swamp. Gotta look up as much as down … and all around , too.

        Rousting out old resentments and bitter disappointments and sadness from the heart that we carry within, that contaminate the space just cleansed, is the hard part.

  2. This is a great cleansing, I will be trying this in my house. Thanks Cherokee and thank you for always showing me such kindness in your emails. Bless you

    • It’s always a good time to cleanse your house as well as your own spirit and body. Thank you for your kind words. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  3. Thank you once again for these great tips! I regularly play either classical music or spiritual music (Grace Williams, psalms, Native American chants, etc) and use white sage in the house. If it’s too much sage left in the air and I can’t air it all out, I use the Goddess Mist Spray from the Glastonbury Goddess Temple to clear the air. Works perfectly! 🙂

    • You do such good spiritual work and it always pleases me hearing how much you have grown and developed in your spiritual life. Keep going girl! Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  4. Sharon Verrechia said:

    Good spring cleaning article. I didn’t know there are so many ways to cleanse the house. I love wind chimes. Plus your You Tube video on the white light. Thank you Billie. 🙂

    • Yes, there is a multitude of ways to spiritually cleanse a house. What I brought out in this article are the main ones that I think are important. I’m glad this was helpful for you. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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