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Animal Spirits: The Cat

Through the Peacock's Eyes

Cat Animal Spirit Wisdom Cat of the Animal Wisdom Tarot

There has barely been an entire year’s time in my life that I have not lived with cats. As a child, my family had at least two cats and regularly had a batch of kittens climbing all over the place. As many of you know, my life has been filled with and full because of animals, and I have often felt that I would always at least need to have a cat around.

Because of the ubiquitousness of cats in my life, I am used to getting messages from them. However, in the last month or so cats have come up in conversations and encounters with others. In one conversation, the local coffee shop owner showed me a picture she had taken of a glass that seemed to have the ghostly image of a cat on it, as if watching over her from…

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  1. Love this article Cherokee thank you! I have also always had cats around me my entire life – I’ve told you about my beautiful cat, and the beautiful stray cats I managed to rescue. I thought I got them all off the street, only to have someone put a box in my garden last week with two newborn kittens in it. whoever left them there must have notice me taking the other strays, he/she left a note together with some milk in the box asking if I could help the kittens. luckily my local vet agreed to take them in and try get them adopted.

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