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In Our Darkest Hour

In Our Darkest Hour By Jacinta Feyling

In Our Darkest Hour By Jacinta Feyling

My dear friend Jacinta Feyling has written her first fictional short novel, dealing with subjects such as love, relationships and trust.

How would you react if someone you trusted had a secret that was forcibly revealed to the world? In “In Our Darkest Hour”, Jacinta is hoping to challenge the readers to search their own hearts and discover for themselves what matters most to them, and if true spirituality lies in what people tell you, or if it lies within your own heart. 

The inspiration for “In Our Darkest Hour” came from her ever-growing interest in spirituality and how it’s vastly different from organized religion. Sometimes your heart is the best indicator for what’s right and wrong, but in noticing that too many people gave their heart and common sense away to religious leaders, this story was written partly based on Jacinta’s own experiences.

I have personally witnessed Jacinta’s spiritual growth over the ten years that I have known her and she is an astounding young lady. She has one of the most gentle and kind spirit of anyone I have met.

This book is available as a PDF Download for the low cost of $5.00. Click Here To Read More And Purchase.  Please consider purchasing this marvelous thought provoking novel, as not only will you be getting a great read, but you will be helping out many others.

The proceeds from the sales of this book will be split 50/50 between Heal the World for Children and Michael’s Dream Foundation

In 2012 she self-published a book on her life with the autism spectrum disorder Asperger syndrome, entitled “Different but Perfect – an Aspie’s story of life so far”, Click Here to Purchase.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this for me! 🙂

  2. and thank you so much for everything you have taught me over these past 10 years and continue to teach me!

  3. Sharon Verrechia said:

    This sounds like a very good read. ❤

  4. Congratulations Jacinta, I hope you have great success with your book! And what a lovely gesture to donate the proceeds to Heal the World for Children and Michael’s Dream
    Foundation . I wish you all the best.

    Thanks Cherokee

    • She has done such beautiful writing and I think it shows the beauty of her soul in the fact that she wants to donate the money to such worthy charities. Thank you for your comment. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

    • I adore those charities and I also think me donating the money to them will help me get more readers and thus spread the message in the book.

      • You have a great message to deliver. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that people want this book. I have published this on different Social media to give it the most exposure that I can. Let me know how it goes for you. With love, Billie

        • As of today, Feb 13, no sales yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll sell some once the representative of Michael’s Dream Foundation creates the advertisement for it. (she is currently very busy with two other projects, so she’s excused 🙂 )

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