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The Spirit of Jim Morrison

The Spirit of Jim Morrison

Wow, it’s hard to fathom Jim Morrison at 71 years of age.  There are some people that come in to this world who are not meant to be here for long periods of time and Jim Morrison was one of them.  He was an old soul and knew this at a young age when most children are still playing games.

Whatever Jim did he gave it 100 percent of himself.  He never compromised who he was for anyone, despite the enormous pressure on him once he became famous. He was a true free spirit, who lived his life the way that he wanted to.

Some of you may know the music of The Doors and not be aware of the many volumes of poetry that Jim Morrison wrote.  He really wanted to be a filmmaker and he was making a movie called HWY that never got completed. I am enclosing the video below so that you can see how unlimited his talent was.

Many people try to give an opinion of who or what Jim Morrison was in life, but I believe that he kept a lot of who he really was to himself.  He gave so much of himself as an artist that he had to have a little bit reserved for him.

There was far more to Jim Morrison then just being a rock superstar. Let me show you what I mean.

At a young age he was exposed to shamanism and throughout his life realized he was a spiritual teacher. To many he did not come across as such, but when you read his writings and study his life you realize this man saw spiritual truths and tried to convey them through his music, poetry, and performance.

According to Jim Morrison, one of the most important events of his life occurred when he was a child in 1949, during a family road trip in New Mexico, when he and his parents and grandmother came across the scene of an accident in the desert. Jim realized the Native Americans were bleeding to death and was afraid. He came to believe that the souls of the newly-dead Indians were running around, “freaked out,” and that one had leaped into him. This experience greatly influenced the content of his songs, poems, and interviews.

As Jim Morrison said of poetry:
“Real poetry doesn’t say anything, it just ticks off the possibilities… opens all doors you can walk through any one that suits you. If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it’s to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel.”

Greatness was thrust upon him at an early age; he was a superstar by 22.  Despite this he never had the trappings of the newly rich.  He never owned a car or a house.  He lived in $10.00 a night motel rooms and only owned a few clothes and books. He lived a simplistic lifestyle, because it was enough being a superstar.  The other members of The Doors at this time all had homes and cars.

The pressures of being a rock star was overwhelming for Jim Morrison and ultimately he used excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs to kill the pain of not being the free spirit that he was before stardom. Sometimes we get trapped by our life and don’t know how to undo the web’s that surround us.

I am grateful that he graced this world for a moment, but he will always live on.

Some may say that he burnt out, but to burn out you first have to be on FIRE!

Sending you lots of love on the anniversary of your birthday Jim. Cherokee Billie

My Collection of Photographs and Music of Jim Morrison

Video of the uncompleted film HWY starring Jim Morrison.

Comments on: "Remembering Jim Morrison’s 71th birthday December 08, 2014." (6)

  1. Sharon Verrechia said:

    What a great tribute to Jim Morrison. Thank you Billie ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Thank you Cherokee for sharing this tribute for Jim Morrison . I am a huge Doors fan, and have been for a long time. A true legend and a special person!

    • I am so glad that you enjoyed my tribute to Jim Morrison. He will always live on through his music and poetry. Thank you for your comment. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  3. Great post about Jim. I think you have described him perfectly. That’s just how I think of him too. Although I absolutely love The Doors, I think Jim was so much more a poet than a rock star. Great post x

    • I really appreciate your comment. I did my very best to capture the essence of Jim Morrison. He was many different things besides a rock star and that’s what I want people to understand. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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