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Connecting You With A Deceased Loved One This HolidayEvery year during the holidays I get an increase of people contacting me to channel/communicate with a deceased loved one. Holidays are often a lonely time for people and especially for those who have lost someone they love to deeply.  I understand the need to know that your loved one is doing well and still connected with you.

Is there someone waiting to speak to you in spirit? Is there another who wishes to speak to you? Is there one on the other side you want to talk to? You can speak directly to your deceased loved ones using me as your guide. No Medium Necessary!

I am writing this so that if you contact me and want to have a channeled session with a departed love one you’ll find that I use a much different technique then most. I take you through a process of hypnosis, by phone, and together we go into the spirit world and you are able to speak to your deceased loved one directly.  Please Click Here to read about this unique and special way to communicate with a loved one.

Because of psychic mediums such as Sylvia Browne and John Edwards more people are starting to believe in life after death. I am grateful for the famous psychics who are making headway teaching about the spirit world.

This month has had some interesting calls. I have had two people call me wanting to contact a loved one that committed suicide. These people are left with so many questions because they want to know why and also they are concerned about where their loved one is in the spirit world. Because of many teachings people believe that a suicide victim is condemned to hell. That is not the case. There are some teachings and beliefs that suicide is an honorable thing. What I talk about is based on what I have received over many years of communicating as a psychic medium with the deceased.

Last night a lady found me on the Internet and had never called a psychic before. She was hurting emotionally because a former boyfriend had killed himself just a few weeks before. She wanted to know why he did what he did and if he was okay.

I always trust that the people who are calling me found me through their deceased loved one. The moment I start I can feel the person who is passed right by me and hear them talking and I know that we were meant to connect.

The lady who called me really loved this man, but she kept getting a message within herself that she should break off the relationship and she did. She was just in shock because she couldn’t believe how he went out.

What he told me was that he had never really been a happy person and he found life too difficult because no matter what he did he could not find any joy. He was ready to go and was no longer feeling unhappy. He was happy that she found a way to contact him as he wanted a connection to this dimension and someone that he loved.

She wanted to know if there was something specific he wanted to tell her and there was. He asked if she still had a Teddy bear that he gave her. She started to cry when I told her this and said that she had recently discarded the Teddy bear. It did not matter to him, but he wanted her to know that it was him talking and not just idle words from me. I answered a few more things for her before our call ended.

The other lady that called me recently was hurting because her son had recently taken his life. Again once I connected with him he said that he just could not stop the downward spiral that he had felt most of his life. For him it was just a release and he was also ready to go to spirit. This lady felt much better after getting a chance to talk with him. I always end up giving grief counseling because it is extremely difficult to deal with death let alone a suicide.

Life after physical death is truly a reunion back to our real life, our true existence. Just as our clothes cover our bodies, our bodies cover our souls. When our souls move out of our bodies and move on to the next dimension, they are free! Free to see and know the truth about themselves, their lives, the spirit world, and the Divine.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. Sharon Verrechia said:

    What an wonderful way to connect with loved ones. ❤

  2. Thank you so much for doing what you do. I take such comfort in reading stories of people connecting with their loved ones’ spirits.

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