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Connect With Love

Connect With Love – Click for info

Never before in all history have we had this extraordinary opportunity to simply connect to each other across the world in love and with our hearts. The Internet is providing an incredible opportunity to join together as never before.  An American Indian prophecy written hundreds of years ago, spoke of us joining together again on the cobweb.  I believe that this vision was the Internet. 

This is an incredible opportunity to allow the love we feel transcend all past thinking that led the world to where we are today …….We can open our hearts to all of the love & magnificence of who we truly are to SHINE FORTH into our physical body, into our life, into the people we love & all living Beings around us and then let that PURE LOVE dissolve EVERYTHING ~ That is how we can change our world today.

  • No more hatred …
  • No more wars …
  • Our new thinking can lead the way ……To love

We can show world leaders the past is the past ……together we can change the world! Let us begin Now!

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

PS …..” I love you”


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  1. Sharon Verrechia said:

    This is so beautiful, I so wish things could be more like you are talking about. We all want to have peace. Such a wonderful article Billie, many blessings to you! my friend. ❤

    • It is all within us. Love is born within us and unfortunately the world has a way of changing that for so many. If we can go back to them heart of love there could be a big change in the world. Thank you for your comment. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  2. Love will find a way and we will have that new day, a new world if love, free from hatred and violence. I keep it in my heart and live my life that way. So does my husband. One heart, one soul.
    We will see this Cherokee Billie.
    Blessings Susan 💖

  3. Dear Billie, your words are so beautiful and so full of love energy. I really wish people understood that Love is the answer to many of our problems. It is also the bridge over the enormous distance that we ourselves create and also separate us. People want to love, but they also feel the right to hate and judge.They want to be loved, but can’t let go of their egocentric behaviour. Yes, I agree with you that the Internet is a wonderful opportunity people have to join together as never before. But that involves a responsibility for what they do, write and say. But is also involves being patient, not judgemental or cynical. And that is the key to change the world. Will we ever see this day? I will never lose hope. Just like you.
    Thank you for sharing the content of your soul.
    PS. I love you, too!

  4. Love you too in the connect.x

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