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Well said!


You are gone and I’m here.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


No winner in war. Just shadows of people lost too soon.


(A photo found unclaimed on Writer’s cafe. It was famous once.  Don’t need

words to express the sadness.)

You are gone and I’m here

War, violence and terror.

Who win in these wars?

Loud and powerful men watch from a distance. Announcer threats of war condemning young men and woman to fights and die.

I stood with family members and children by strong men graves. They won’t whisper their song no-more.  Children will learn to understand. You are gone and I’m here. I need you now and I love you dear.

Taps is played on the bugle in the winter snow...

Taps is played on the bugle in the winter snow at Arlington National Cemetery (Photo credit: Beverly & Pack)

My brother Soldier and friend is gone. He left his imprint on my life. His smile and laughter…

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  1. Sharon Verrechia said:

    So sad we have to have wars. Beautiful quote. ❤

  2. Beautiful poem. So sad and true.

  3. Lovely!

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