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Spring Cleaning for the Soul and the Home. Click for article
It’s time to think about spring cleaning. Think of it as a meditative exercise to sweep out the old energies of winter and make way for spring abundance. Do it with the conscious intent of clearing out old energies to set the stage for new good fortune.

In spring cleaning the first thing to clean is your spirit/soul. Smudging is one of the best ways to clean your spirit, body, house, and even your work place. Click here for details on how to do Smudging.

Next is cleaning out your house. Start with your closets. Most of us have closets that are bursting with stuff we have not used for a long time. Donate items that you no longer can use. Old clothes can be recycled and used for cleaning rags. Nothing feels better than having a clean organized closet.

From there you can start cleaning one room at a time. After you finished your home you can also clean out your office. From there you can start cleaning out your flower beds or flower pots. Nothing feels better than putting your fingers into Mother Earth.

Once finished, treat yourself to a cleansing and relaxing bath. Light some candles and add some of your favorite bath oil or use 20 drops of lavender oil for a cleansing and rejuvenating bath. Get rid of that winter skin by using a natural scrub! Click Here To Read How To Remove The Toxins From Your Body. And finish with a good natural moisturizing lotion.

When you have finished cleaning your house and soul you are going to feel refreshed. Your mind will be clearer and Your spirit will sing!

Happy Spring Time!


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