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Are You Ignoring The Silent Scream
Whether it is romance, business, or friendships, if you have to pump someone to email or call you for answers more then twice, its time to accept their answer is in their silence. Silence screams are louder then words. Choosing to not understand someone’s silence is just simply denial on your part. Here are some of the excuses people use to make themselves feel better when someone’s silence is “screaming”.

• They are not near their phone and have not heard my message
• They are too busy and can not get back at a convenient time
• They are over sleeping
• They just need a reminder
• They are busy with family
• Its not a good time for them at this point
• The time just isn’t right yet in their life
• There are too many people around for privacy to get back.
• They can’t hear your knock on the door.
• Their cell phone is out of order

Here is what not to do when someone’s silence is screaming louder then words.

• Do not keep calling
• Do not keep emailing and texting
• Do not send a 6 page letter to explain your frustration. {If they cared they would have gotten back to you.}
• Do not ride past their house
• Do not check your email or cell phone every hour, go out!
• Do not buy them gifts just in case they communicate.

If you have not heard back, and you are going into high anxiety…it’s a done deal. Think seriously about doing the following.

• Detoxify your self with the company of other friends
• Move on to another contract or potential transaction or marketing plan
• Redesign another plan that gives you hope
• Block your thoughts of the one screaming silence.
• Do not buy them gifts just in case they communicate.
• Do not allow fantasies to make the relationship real for you.

People Often Feel Despair At The Silence.

We are entitled to despair. It’s ok to feel this when we are ignored.
• What is not OK is to live in despair constantly in a state of waiting.
• Trust that the Universe has another plan for you; a better one.
• Life is a test. Always remember when the odds seem against us, and the bumps in life come one, after another; treat it like a car wreck.
• Loosen up and roll with the flow.
• A peaceful state of acceptance of the situation, when we have tried our hardest, often makes US more bearable for others….MOST OF ALL OURSELVES.
• Soon, you will see new options. It’s called survival.
• The more we waste time crying over the odds, the more we actually sabotage ourselves.

Become the Survivor

An expert on survival in the jungle said there are 2 stages a person goes into when lost in the jungle, before they hunker down to the business of living..
• STAGE ONE – TOTAL PANIC {the stage people most likely make illogical actions.}
• STAGE TWO- ACCEPTANCE {the stage people start to look around and scope the options for survival}

Let’s choose survival when the odds are against us, or when someone’s refusal to value us as a person puts us in despair. Life is a test, and each failure is just a pass to the next stage of wisdom and improvement. You can do it! There is a wonderful world out there full of fresh opportunities.

Cherokee Billie

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  1. I wrote a note on Silent Screams on my profile page… did you get it this idea from me? peace, cin

    • I don’t know who you are other than when you post here. So therefore I could not see this on any profile page of yours. This was something that I have worked on before.

  2. Great article Cherokee, very helpful information here. Thank you very much.

  3. Thank you, Billie. I was in a relationship for five years in which pretty much all I got was silence. We did not live together, so the absence of phone calls, emails, or text messages hurt. The last time we together, he covered my arms and wrists in bruises, and after that, he said we would “talk.” We did not, until we met in a counselor’s office. I showed him and the counselor the bruises (I took photos of them), and then I read him a letter I had written, basically telling him it was the last time he would abuse me. That was four months ago. It is over, but it still breaks my heart. I pray every single day for my one and only true soul mate. I am so tired of living in pain. Thank you again for the article. Yes, I do believe in hope, and I believe there is a better plan. Have a great day.

    • Dear Barbara: Sounds like you are much better off without that man in your life. Anybody who would abuse you physically and mentally is not worth having. You need to take time to heal and recover before you can find your true soulmate. By taking the time to go within and discover who you really are you’ll be able to better recognize a soul mate. Thank you for sharing your story. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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