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Magic Elf Seeds

Christmas Craft Ideas CUT
This is a wonderful tradition to start for little children. Remind them that the Elves make the toys and are Santa Claus helpers, so they understand why they are planting seeds. Explain that the Elves will leave them a gift. The night before Christmas take a bowl and fill it with sugar or flour. Then have the children plant candy in the bowl as seeds. Once the children are in bed remove the candy and fill the bowl with Candy Canes. Can you imagine the looks on their precious little faces in the morning when they see the gift that the Elves gave them?

Create new memories this Christmas that will last a lifetime.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. So, on December 1st , or thereabouts, these little elves are going to arrive at our home and introduce themselves as the Kindness Elves (they could also be called the Helpful Elves, or anything else along those positive attribute lines! If you are big on Santa they could simply be “Santa’s Little Helpers” which would work perfectly!) They are good elves who love to help and notice kindness in others.

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