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A Holiday Gift of Wisdom!

Holiday gift certificates from Cherokee Billie. Click picture to read more.
It’s that time of the year again where we think about giving something special to those that we love. Do you have someone that is difficult to find a present for? Looking for the perfect out of the ordinary gift for someone special?

Give the gift of clairvoyant psychic knowledge to the person(s) who has everything! The gift of knowing and having a glimpse into the future can empower a person’s decisions and change their life for the better.

I will customize and send you a gift certificate with the recipients name and your name as well.

Purchase a Psychic Reading gift certificate before December 31, 2013 and you will receive a FREE copy of my booklet “The No Willpower Weight Loss Program.” This will help you if you happen to add some extra pounds over the holidays. You’ll be ready to get going after the New Year!

Click Here To Read More.

May Your Holidays Be Blessed With Abundant Wisdom.

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  1. Cherokee Billie FANS!!! PLEASE READ THIS!! If you are a fan of Cherokee Billie’s, please read this letter I wrote back in Oct on her fan page and surprisingly got no responses… I didn’t read the ‘posts by others’ much either, so I wasn’t surprised that nobody really saw it, but, I do read everybody else’s posts now to make sure I don’t miss something like the letter I wrote in Oct… Cherokee Billie is the real deal guys… My heart is just broken that she is struggling the way she is…
    Susan Spicer Mason
    The things you post on a daily basis that lift my spirits and inspire me are well worth $1… After getting a chance to know you personally by sharing my own photos for you to put words to I have learned a few things that I think might SHOCK AND DEEPLY SADDEN people who follow you… I never want to say anything that might be taken as an insult because that is absolutely not my mission here. I am worried about you as I know that your business has been SEVERELY affected because of the economy. I now know that you are concerned daily if you will have the funds to keep your water and electricity turned on and if you will even be able to pay for meds that you must have. How do I appeal to your followers? $1.00 is literally laying around in change in the bottom of our purses or pockets or rescued from the washer and dryer. I know that you will NOT ask for that kind of help but would you consider allowing me to ask? I will even start the donations through your PayPal donate button, which is on your website, with $5. It’s not much but if people could give just one dollar, I would know that you could rest… My heart is breaking for you. I pray for many blessings to come your way. I pray that others might search their hearts and pocketbooks for a dollar. It could very easily change your life my sweet friend.
    Much love to you Cherokee Billie. Much much love.
    Susan Spicer Mason
    Like · · October 13 at 8:01pm

    Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor likes this.

    Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor: Your words and thoughts simply blow me away. Thank you so much for caring. I know that you will be blessed mightily for all that you do. With love and light, Cherokee Billie
    October 13 at 8:35pm ·

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