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Popcorn Hands-For Halloween

This is a wonderful treat for Halloween parties. You can experiment and make it any way you choose.

Makes 6 hands (feel free to double, triple, if you want to make more)
4 bags of microwave popcorn, popped
6 clear plastic gloves (not latex)
30 pieces of candy corn or Hershey kisses can be used or gumballs
6 plastic spider rings
6 twist ties decorative ribbon, sharp thin knife

Directions: Use the knife to poke small holes in the ends of each fingertip in the gloves. It should be big enough to fit the point of the candy corn through it, but small enough to hold it in place.

Poke a piece of candy corn through each hole, creating a “fingernail” for each finger or you can just place the other candy in the tip of the glove.

Fill each glove with popcorn. Work the popcorn down into each finger of the glove. You may have to break the pieces in order to substantially fill the glove.

Tie the end of each glove with a twist tie or ribbon can be used.

Add ribbon for decoration, if desired. Attach a spider ring to the ring finger and you are finished!

As an extra Halloween treat here is the complete movie Ghosts from Michael Jackson. This should definitely get you in the mood for Halloween.

Have a happy and fun Halloween!
Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. What a cool idea! I will definitely be trying this one! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Great idea Cherokee. Even though we don’t celebrate Halloween here, I wish everyone who does a fun and happy time. Thanks too for posting the great video of Michael’s.

    • Well you can always find a reason to celebrate Halloween in your own way. I thought the video of Michael Jackson was perfect for the Halloween season and I know how much he loved playing tricks and jokes for Halloween. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  3. These look like a fun scary treat for Halloween!

  4. I’m sure it would be fun for kids to see. I’m glad you enjoyed this. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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