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Are You A Light Worker?

Light worker
Do you ever get the feeling that what you have experienced spiritually in your past no longer serves you and don’t feel a “fit” with other religions or beliefs? Perhaps you are someone who feels that they must strike out on their own and “leave home” so to speak.

This is a time of great spiritual change as the worlds of the spirit and this material one are co-mingling. As you already “Feel” one is layered on top of the other. You are awakening to a very strong pull of the spirit that is calling to you. This pull is what some call God, source energy, and (I feel more aptly) The Light. It is a surge of spiritual power that is more solid than stone or the ground under your feet. There is no need to feel fearful. If you weren’t ready for this next step you wouldn’t have been called. It is just that simple. It is what led Buddha to renounce his life of luxury as a prince; called Christ into the wilderness and has reached out to many inspired teachers and people throughout history. It calls you to the oneness of all and to leave your old ways of fearful “Us vs Them” thinking behind you. You are being called to the remembering of who and what you are. You are being called into the Light. You are being called into a life of service to Life and Love.

Here is a short questionnaire that should help you find out if this is something that is calling out to you in your life.


Answer the Questions Below
1) Do you feel a sense of time urgency within you?
2) Do you feel drawn to help humanity?
3) Do you feel drawn to spirituality?
4) Do you get a persistent ringing sound in your ear?
5) Have you been told by others that you are too sensitive?
6) Do you feel different from others?
7) Do you believe that spiritual methods can heal any situation?
8. Do you know that you are here for a higher purpose?

If you answered yes to these questions and resonate with the definitions of a Light Worker given, the chance is that you are a light worker, however, only you can truly answer this question for yourself. You may also have tried to follow your families’ religion devoutly, but feel that you have not felt like you are getting the right answers or maybe you have just “outgrown” it and feel the need to search on your own. If you feel this need and you receive the prompts, you are on your new path. You have reached a point on your journey where you are ready for a spiritual upgrade. This is why you are here and why you are reading what I have to say. I have been where you are and I know the feeling of hollowness and spiritual hunger. You need renewal.

Know that what you are experiencing is real. Do not worry about what anyone else thinks about regarding your experience. All you have to remember is that to those of us who receive this feeling no explanation is necessary. To the others who don’t know no explanation will suffice. You are embarking on a journey that will lead you to many new and wonderful experiences.

If you need help in finding what you are looking for and understanding your path contact me, Cherokee Billie by Clicking Here.

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  1. Susan Spicer Mason said:

    Bingo… Didn’t realize there was a name for it!!! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Insights into the Wonderful World of Books and commented:
    Wonderful post.

  3. Rosanna Harris said:

    Hello Cherokee Just forward this email to a few friends as I do most of your emails.   Every one of those question is yes eight times yes….You are amazing!!!!!!!!

    Love and Light forever Rosanna

  4. Laura Badger said:

    Thank you for this! I feel drawn, compelled to make many changes. I was an Episcopalian, notice I say, was…Now there is God, asking me to explore…to go beyond the boundaries I have lived by all of my life! I feel something positive and mysterious about is going on…

  5. Not feeling so alone anymore and knowing prana is here with me is comforting. Namaste

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