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Christmas 1980
My memoir, Heavenly Seduction, is one of the most unusual stories you’ll ever read about a person finding their spiritual path. When I was a young lady of 26 years of age I met a man named Gideon, yes that was his real name, who showed me a different way of living for God. Believe me it was the most unusual approach a person could experience. I found myself in a conflict between the man that I fell for and his beliefs and following what I felt was my path.

In my memoir I take you through my journey of spiritual and self discovery. Those who have read my book they always say that it is incredibly motivating. If you have been following me for sometime you know that I’m always working at motivating people.

If you’re looking for something different to read my book is it! Below are links of all the different ways you can purchase my memoir at low rates.

Download Version of Heavenly Seduction.

Kindle Version

Hard Copy of Heavenly Seduction

Here is a video of me reading the first chapter of Heavenly Seduction. Enjoy my friends, Cherokee Billie


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  1. I have read your book Cherokee and it is truly a fascinating read. Yes it is incredibly motivating and very well written, I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing your life story with me.

    By the way that is a really nice picture of you too, you are very pretty.

    • Thank you for the review my friend! I also appreciate your comment on the photograph. I unfortunately did not see my beauty at that time. Now I do and accept myself as I am. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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