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An Empath Is:
• Highly Sensitive.
• Cautious and highly conscientious.
• Easily shaken up and distressed by changes.
• Tend to be “cooperative,” rather than “competitive.”
• Rattled in stressful situations.
• Perform poorly when being watched.
• Empaths are gifted with a range of psychic abilities.
• Introspective.
• Rich Inner lives.
• Prefer extended periods of time alone.
• Drawn to the arts and music.
• Tend to be very easily moved to tears by expressions of beauty and intensity, as well as images of horror and violence.

Empaths, are often ridiculed for their sensitivity can become defensive of it. You can love your sensitivity and become willing to develop skill around your gifts. Strength is not the same as being hard. Instead of losing your sensitivity, with the right empowerment tools and awareness, you can become amazing!

Ways to Cope with Being an Empathic in Today’s World.

1. Schedule time with you: Spending time alone creates the space needed to release emotion, energy and stress.

2. Positive Affirmations: Short messages that train thought patterns. An example: “Let me receive what is for my best and highest good at this time”

3. Shielding: Placing a protective shield of White Light that is around and encasing you in a bubble. Using the White Light whenever you feel negative energy.

4. Chakra Cleansing and Balancing: Regular cleaning of the chakras will keep your energy field free of negative or unwanted energy. Re-balance them by bringing in energy that will create alignment and balance. Often Empaths suffer from the lack of mastery over their Solar Plexus Chakra. Unmanaged, it absorbs energy from everywhere and is hyper-sensitive to the outside world. Managed, it creates instant stability and inner strength.

5. Centering: Align yourself with Spirit and get out of Ego. Try to live in the moment and whatever emotion comes up express and release it. Release all emotions to Spirit.

6. Be gentle with your self and know that many others feel what you do and that you are not alone in being an Empath.

This is very important for those who are Empaths.

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Comments on: "Survival Tips for Empaths!" (9)

  1. Diana Burdzinski said:

    This is really speaking to me. Maybe it’s time to stop ignoring this gift and start utilizing it. To help the energy around and within me. Tank you!

  2. Oh Billie i so needed to read this. From the very first line I felt you were speaking to me alone. As an empath, I realize it is a very powerful gift, and often forget it can totally destroy the personal side of me. I do give continually, but often find myself caught up in the life of others and drained beyond recognition. Thank you for reminding me what I need to do to recapture my individuality and my sanity.

    • Dear Betty: thank you for your comment. I’m glad this message reminded you to take care of yourself because other people can drain you. It’s always best to take care of yourself because until you do that you really can’t help anyone else. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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