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Remembering Michael Jackson Four Years Later-tribute
June 25, 2013 marks four years since Michael Jackson passed into spirit. Michael Jackson brought so much joy to so many people and will always be remembered as one of the greatest entertainers ever. Rejoice in the fact that he was with us for 50 years. His spirit will always live on through his music, dance, writing, and inspiration. I know that you are dancing and singing with the angels! I have enclosed a special message that was written by a beautiful lady as a dedication to Michael. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

I’m Sorry For Loving A Man… By © Jacinta Feyling

“I’m sorry my tattoo says “Michael Jackson 1958 – Forever” and not “I love Michael Jackson – Please give me crap” as so many people seem to think it does.

I’m sorry I let you walk by me wearing shirts with Iron Maiden, Metallica and the like and I do not comment on those.

I’m sorry for not badmouthing you when you brag about having been to a concert with Bruce Springsteen or any other singer.

I’m sorry for loving a man who was forced to go on trial by a racist District Attorney who was determined to bring him down, no matter what, and who even faked the evidence in an attempt to bring him down.

I’m sorry for loving a man who during his trial was bullied by the media while the so-called “victims” were caught repeatedly lying under oath.

I’m sorry for loving a man who was found “Not Guilty” and was never convicted of any crime in spite of Herculean attempts and a witch hunt which spanned for more than a decade.

I’m sorry for loving a man who was under investigation by the FBI for more than 20 years and was found to be innocent and not guilty of anything illegal.

I’m sorry for loving a man who was raised in the spotlight and sacrificed his childhood to please the world with music and art.

I’m sorry for loving a man who was hounded by filthy paparazzi and media personalities who to this day call themselves “serious reporters”.

I’m sorry for loving a man who revolutionized the music video medium.

I’m sorry for loving a man who broke the racial barrier on MTV.

I’m sorry for loving a man who was and still is personally responsible for cutting the number of people starving to death in half in the 1980’s and 90’s because of one song.

I’m sorry for loving a man who created the album which to this day ranks as the Number One Album of All Time.

I’m sorry for loving a man who saw the beauty of Creation in every animal and human being.

I’m sorry for loving a man who said, and I quote: “I would slit my wrists before I would hurt a child”.

I’m sorry for loving a man whom his daughter called: “…the best father you could ever imagine.”

I’m sorry for loving a man who granted sick children their final wish; a day of joy and laughter, in his magnificent garden.

I’m sorry for loving a man who repeatedly stated: “I believe in God, very much.”

I’m sorry for loving a man who was a shining Biblical example of how we should treat each other: with love, respect and dignity.

I’m sorry for loving a man who shouted to his fans “I love you MORE”

I’m sorry for loving a man who simply wanted to be loved all over the world, everywhere he went.

I’m sorry for loving a man who during a 16-month long worldwide tour purchased a piece of equipment to each children’s hospital in every city he went to in 15 countries.

I’m sorry for loving a man who said: “I would like to be remembered as a person who came and brought light to the world, some escapism, also as a voice for the voiceless children, because I love them.”

I’m sorry for loving a man who in the middle of a concert called out to security to remove a bug off of the stage floor so he wouldn’t step on it.

I’m sorry for loving a man who wanted to please the media by changing his appearance, only to learn that they bullied him even more fiercely than before.

I’m sorry for loving a man who proclaimed to the world that “Love is the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.”

I’m sorry for loving a man who donated more than 300 million dollars to charities around the globe, to ensure that unfortunate children and families were given a second chance in life.

I’m sorry for loving a man who was remembered by co-workers as “an absolute sweetheart and just a good guy”

I’m sorry for loving a man who brought together people regardless of gender, color or creed, because of his music and art.

I’m sorry for loving a man who, according to his own mother, danced already as a baby in diapers to the rickety beat of the washing machine.

I’m sorry for loving a man who experienced years of being beaten by his own father, and having to go through life never receiving a compliment or a kind word from him, and who chose to forgive him because, as he said: ”…he’s the only father I’ve got.”

And most of all, I’m deeply sorry for loving a man whose only crime was to want to heal the world with a love so pure it scared people who didn’t recognize it.

And I’m sorry that this man, Michael Jackson, has brought more life, joy, happiness and truth to my life than any other human being ever has.”

Thank you Jacinta Feyling for allowing me to share your thoughts about Michael Jackson. Feel free to add your comments about Michael.

Comments on: "Remembering Michael Jackson Four Years Later" (25)

  1. I’m honoured you wanted to use my text!!! 🙂 Hope it will bring some much needed TRUTH to people’s heads and hearts…

    • What you wrote was beautiful and more moving than anything I could possibly write. I certainly hope it opens people’s minds as well. Many blessings my friend, Cherokee Billie

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Karina de Cillo said:

    Dear Cherokee Billie, hope all is fine with you.
    The homage to Michael Jackson is really beautiful. My compliments to Jacinta F for that.

    However, I am bound to say I am not sorry at all for loving that man!! And I will never be sorry for that!

    Love as Always,
    Karina de Cillo

    • Dear Karina: Good to see you here again my friend. As always I’m just working like crazy. I like what Jacinta wrote and I understand what you are saying that you are not sorry for loving Michael. He was a good man and he is a wonderful spirit. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  4. Jacinta, thank you for loving Michael and speaking up for him. He was a beautiful light in this world that I never really appreciated until it went away. It really never went away actually because his legacy of music and dance and charity lives on. What a good, good man he was.
    Let’s all pray for his children that they stay strong because as time goes on they will be made more and more aware of all the hell their father lived through and they are unfortunately allowed easy access to the internet where they have seen all the undeserved hate this man has had to face and still does. It’s hard enough to be a teenager and dealing with everyday angst and pressures without the incredible burden these children must bear in losing their beloved father and being thrust from a safe protected world under his wing to this harsh world in the spot light. Michael’s kids need us to speak up on their behalf. What more can we do Cherokee Billie? I worry for them, especially Paris.

    • I know that all of us care about Michael’s children especially Paris at this time. The greatest thing we can do is send her Gods White Light constantly to lead and guide her. Prayer is powerful and if many gathered together and pray it adds more power and the universe responds. Thank you so much for your comment. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  5. I will always love MJ!!! That was a great message, but she doesn’t need to apologize to anyone for loving MJ. I don’t because I can careless if someone approves if I love MJ or not. I know what he did for me and the world. GOD knows what he did for the people of the world. Thanks Cherokee for posting this. I hope he is doing fantastic in the spirit world.

    • Thank you for your comment. Michael is doing wonderful in spirit and very active helping and inspiring many here that are receptive. He will always be loved and remembered. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  6. Michael

    You are always in my thoughts and in my heart, you are Loved and missed. My thoughts are also with your mother and children at this time, especially Paris who hasn’t been doing so well lately.

    I Love you

    Dear Cherokee, thank you for posting this lovely tribute to Michael, and thank you Jacinta for writing it.

    Whenever I think of Michael I think of a song called” Advertising Space” it was written for Elvis, but fits for Michael’s life and death too.

    Here are the lyrics

    Robbie Williams
    “Advertising Space”
    There’s no earthly way of
    What was in your heart
    When it stopped going
    The whole world shook
    A storm was blowing through
    Waiting for God to stop this
    And up to your neck in darkness
    Everyone around you was
    Saying somethin’
    There’s no dignity in death
    To sell the world your last breath
    They’re still fighting over
    Everything you left over
    I saw you standing at the gates
    When Marlon Brando passed
    You had that look upon your face
    Advertising space
    No one learned from your
    We let our profit s go to waste
    All that’s left in any case
    Is Advertising space
    Through your eyes
    The world was burning
    Please be gentle
    I’m still learning
    You seemed to say
    As you kept turning up
    They poisoned you with
    At what point did you realise
    Everybody loves your life
    But you ahahh
    Special agent for the man
    Through watergate and vietnam
    No one really gave a damn
    Did you think the CIA did
    I saw you standing at the gates
    When Marlon Brando passed
    You had that look upon your face
    Advertising space
    No one learned from your
    We let our profits go to waste
    All that’s left in any case
    Is Advertising space ooooohh
    I saw you standing at the gates
    When Marlon Brando passed
    You had that look upon your face
    Advertising space
    No one learned from your
    We let our profits go to waste
    All that’s left in any case
    Is Advertising space
    I’ve seen your daughter
    Man shes cute
    I was scared but I wanted to
    Boy she looks a lot like you

    • Dear Tarryn: Thank you for your kind words and I’m glad you like what Jacinta wrote. Thank you so much for sharing the lyrics of that song because it is very appropriate for Michael and Elvis. I know how close you are to the spirit of Michael and that you feel his presence. He is around everyone who loves him especially at this time. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie ❤

  7. I am nowhere near sorry either 🙂 I’ve been sarcastic on purpose here

    • I understood what you were saying.

      • I think I need to emphasize it: the text came about after reading a text in the newspaper posted by an anonymous girl: “I’m sorry I spend my weekends babysitting my younger sister. I’m sorry I eat what I want. I’m sorry I haven’t gone to a party and gotten drunk yet. I’m sorry I study hard.” and so on and so forth. It was the type of text that made you cheer on “the loser”, if you get me. So, I’ve done the same here. I am nowhere near sorry for loving Michael – but people see it as their duty to badmouth him when they find out. So I answer “I’m sorry I just let you talk for 45 minutes about Bruce Springsteen and I didn’t say anything. I’m sorry I love a man who changed the world with his music…” and they scoff and turn around and leave. (like I care)

  8. Anne Denton said:

    Four years ago i was in a dreadful state, I encountered a grief so deep that I could barely function.I felt as though part of me was missing even though I had never met Michael.I couldn’t understand why I felt this way I spent hours crying and trawling the Internet looking for anything about Michael.Nothing else mattered. I knew that although Michael was the most electrifying entertainer ever , he was so much more. He inspired so many.He was just simply the most loving man who wanted nothing more than to help people and heal the world.Then one day I found you Cherokee and I thank God that I did. Finally someone was able to show me why I felt this grief so badly and the channelling of Michaels messages were like balm to my soul. I knew he was at peace.I will always be so grateful to you as I also know how you were treated by some cyber bullies at this time.This more than anything showed me that some people will attack others they do not understand, you like Michael were trying to help so many of us and you also were subjected to some of the treatment that he always had to put up with.
    Now four years later the grief is gone and in it’s place is a knowledge of how so many people are trying to uphold Michaels legacy with projects all over the world being done in his name.I’m sure he looks down and smiles.
    Thank you Cherokee for remembering Michael this week and for posting Jacinta’s beautiful poem and thankyou Jacinta for writing it.Long may this beautiful man continue to inspire us.

    • Dear Anne: Thank you for moving tribute that you have written here. Thanks to Michael I connected with many beautiful people such as yourself. He was a great man and needs to be remembered now and always. I am grateful that the messages I received from Michael were healing for you. At the time people were so emotional that a lot of what was said from Michael didn’t really resonate. Now four years later I believe that things are much clearer for people. I’m so glad you liked this tribute. Good to hear from you. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  9. OMG, That was so very beautiful. With this horrible trial going on, I have been thinking about Michael quite often lately. What that poor man had to endure from the media and people he thought were his “friends” just breaks my heart each and everytime I hear about it. I’m also worried about his kids growing up and hearing this garbage. CB, I know that you and Michael are still very close, if you hear from him anytime soon, please send him my love.

    • I know that you always think of Michael and he feels the love that is sent to him. He knows you love him because his spirit picks it up. I’m glad you are here and thanks for your comment. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  10. Thank you, Cherokee Billie, for rembering Michael on this day. He was special to me in the years I was the most receptive, and I was beyond comprehension sad when he was gone. You opened a world of comfort to me, and I am so glad to have found you.
    Yet again, one part of me isn’t sad, because of the thought he left us so much of himself here that this ‘concentrated’ love what emanated from him would be felt for decades and more…

    • Dear Eva: I am so glad to hear from you again. It’s wonderful to remember Michael with others that feel the same way. I’m glad that I brought comfort to you in a time when you needed it. Now people are more receptive to the message that Michael was trying to give. He is still working in spirit to help. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  11. This is a beautiful tribute. I wanted to say thank you for sharing your time with me and the like on my post about my life. That was a beautiful gift. Nice to meet you. Belinda

    • Dear Belinda: I loved what you wrote on your blog and I look forward to reading more from you. Thank you for your kind words about My tribute to Michael Jackson. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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