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Please join with others around the globe in holding prayers for our world at 8:00 PM in your time zone on super full moon June 23, 2013.

Astronomers call this sort of close full moon a perigee full moon. The word perigeedescribes the moon’s closest point to Earth for a given month. Two years ago, when the closest and largest full moon fell on March 19, 2011, many used the term supermoon, which we’d never heard before. Last year, we heard this term again to describe the year’s closest full moon on May 6, 2012. Now the term supermoon is being used a lot. Last month’s full moon – May 24-25, 2013 – was also a supermoon. But the June full moon is even more super! In other words, the time of full moon falls even closer to the time of perigee, the moon’s closest point to Earth. The crest of the moon’s full phase in June 2013, and perigee, falls within an hour of each other.

Synchronized prayers are very powerful! Full moons have historically been a time of release, and a time of letting go of darkness and negative patterns. Please circulate and share this prayer vigil widely. The more people praying the more powerful our prayers’ effects. Always pray for Mother Earth and others.

Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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  2. Count me IN! Together we can make miracles happen. We Need Peace now more than ever. So I will gladly add my Prayer voice to the multitude Praying for Peace. ❤

  3. Vadnies said:

    Cherokee Billie, this may seem off topic, but often people say it feel like a Friday, when it’s a Tuesday. Can days of the week give us a certain type of feeling? Like for instance you know what a Monday might feel like. Thanks. Oh, By the Way I saw the supermoon. It was facing directly at my window and I felt electricity all over me. I love the moon, and I’ve always loved looking at the moon. Thanks!

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