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What is a Psychic?

What is a Psychic?
A person that has a developed sixth sense and can read into the energy of another to access information about that person’s past, present and future. We all posses a sixth sense naturally, however it lies underdeveloped in most of us. Many people do have psychic experiences and generally don’t recognize them and instead call it a gut feeling, or their intuition. A psychic will tend to predict and bring through information pertaining to the client’s life as it is here on earth.

About predicting the future. While many psychics or prophets have accurately predicted future events, then why is no one person able to ever be 100% about future events? Because the information that is being channeled may also be a most likely future, but due to ever changing events on earth, and with the ever evolving universe, the future may change accordingly. We can’t possibly have all the answers, otherwise there will be no lessons, experiences or learning and therefore we would not be able to evolve and spiritually progress ourselves. We need challenges to meet and overcome or face to help us learn. Once we have learned all we thought we need to learn, then another challenge will come along until we have learned what we came here to learn this time around.

What is a Psychic Medium?
A medium is a go between. All mediums are psychic; however, not all psychics are mediums. A psychic medium will use their talents to connect with the ethereal realm, the other side of life, and bring through messages from deceased loved ones. Having the ability or gift of Mediumship is rare. One is born with it, so one is either a medium or not. Like myself, I have had these abilities all of my life, but did not use them until I was in my forties. Not many have the ability of being a medium compared to the number of psychics.

Being a medium means that our Creator has given them the ability to see, hear, feel and experience spirits from other dimensions who operate at higher frequency ranges than that of our earth.

Answers To Common Questions About Psychics And Psychic Mediums.

Which are you, a psychic or a psychic medium?
I am both. I have the gift of knowing what will occur here as well as the ability to connect with the other side. I would like to make it clear that when a psychic predicts a life event, the client does have the free will to change that course of action while here on earth, thusly changing the prediction of the psychic.

How would you describe your readings?
My readings are all different; however they are all very heart healing. My clients generally tell me they feel much better about their lives and much lighter in their hearts after a reading. Whatever the content of the reading, the ultimate goal is to bring forth peace, -serenity and a renewed faith in life to our client.

Is It Possible For Anyone To See A Loved One In Spirit?

I believe we are all born psychic, but like anything else in life, there are those of us born with a specialized talent and those who cannot seem to develop it. For example, many of us can add two and two, however only a select few can take that talent and become engineers. The same applies to being psychic. For the most part, those who cannot develop this talent still have the ability to feel as if they saw someone from the corner of their eye and when they turned to look, no one was there. Many times the name of a loved one in spirit will come into their mind and they will wonder if it was them. The answer is yes. If you are aware of that feeling, that sensation, you have already received the gift of seeing a loved one in spirit.

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Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. this is so interesting! thank you for sharing so that we can understand what it’s like to have that gift.

    • I am glad that this message was valuable to you. Everyone possesses psychic/ intuitive abilities it’s just a question of learning how to tap into them. Many blessings, the Cherokee Billie

      • thanks, CB! yes, i am very intuitive, and you helped me understand that i’s a bit more than just being intuitive. there have been times that that intuitive early warning service has protected me from harm, and i trust those feelings when they happen. when i ignore them, i always regret it later when something bad happens!
        i always enjoy your posts. thanks so much for all that you share!

        • I understand what you mean when you listen to your head instead of your gut. Always trust your gut instincts because that is coming from spirit. Thank you so much for your kind words and I’m glad that what I post is of benefit to you. I always enjoy hearing from you. Sending you love and light, Cherokee Billie

  2. Well explained about the adding and not necessarily becoming an engineer. 🙂

  3. I had a reading just recently. It seemed that he picked up on various timelines I had open, and the advise was for all different time periods. (I had opened them because I’m healing them.) Discerning the now is difficult as all time is now.

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  5. Thank you, a very good read 😉

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