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An Angel Gift for You!

An Angel Gift for You
Last night, as the clock struck midnight, an angel made a very special gift for you, a gift that lies before you now. It is in a large box, wrapped in the color of moonlight on a shimmering lake, and tied up with a ribbon spun from those very moonbeams.
Slip off the ribbon. Open the box. Fold back the tissue paper and see within the most amazing cloak, made of love, pure angel love, and interwoven with the threads of happiness and dreams, your happiness and your dreams, woven just for you.

Some threads are made of the emotions you believe you will feel when your dreams come true. Some threads are the emotions you have felt before at the most wonderful moments of your life. Every joy, laugh, kiss and hug is here, every tender moment shared with others in the past and yet to come. Every moment of heartfelt pride in yourself or someone you love for doing something amazing. Every peaceful moment you meld and expand into oneness as you know yourself as a child of a benevolent universe, pure and innocent, blessed by love and guidance. It is all here, in this angel cloak made just for you.

And the most amazing thing of all about this angel cloak is that you can wear it right now. You can slip it on and embrace yourself with joy, love, and peace this very moment, no matter how things are in your life. There is no need to wait until something happens to feel all this; you can feel it right now. You can wrap yourself within it and let love expand your heart and rise to your face in a smile. Right now.

Put your angel cloak on every morning. Pull it tightly around you as you breathe in the joy of life. Feel how your worries just float away, all replaced by love, a deep love that flows for you, just as you are, in this moment. Hear the angels sing as you acknowledge their love and caring and relax into their embrace, trusting them to watch over you throughout the day.

Do this every day. Let yourself have the happiness you long for right now. Do this and the most amazing miracle of all will slowly begin to arise around you, so gradually that you may not even realize it until much of the year has passed. Do this, be this, be joy, peace and love, shine forth with it in every moment, and gradually the circumstances of your life will begin to shift and align themselves with the energy you are sending forth.
Oh, look, here’s a gift card from your angel: “The easiest way to achieve your dreams is to give yourself the gift of happiness right now.”

Isn’t that just wonderful?

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  1. Last night around that time,(12 midnight) I made a life changing decision. A few month’s ago I was answering your question..”Am I a light worker” The answer is yes, but I am new to all this and developing my skill (through you I hope) While I was in the middle of answering my computer shut down and I was hacked..That was about 2 month’s ago..I was in great shape after the shift and opening up spiritual in way’s I never imagined. For some reason (actually many) After that day, I fell into a deep and dark place..I am going away for a few weeks for intense spiritual cleansing and healing so I can get back where I started and be truly authentic. When I am back I would like to work with you (Classes or whatever you think.. Meantime, I thank you so much for your guidance and friendship. You are so special and so wise it amazes me. I will be around for a few more days so maybe I can work with you a bit before I go as well as give you all the information…Thank you from the bottom of my heart..Bless you and love to you and all your loved ones….MUCH love Kathy

    • Dear Kathy: It’s not unusual to have set backs when you are trying to move forward spiritually. The thing is to not let them defeat you and to keep reaching for the light. I’m so glad you brought up what is going on in your life. Yes, I do teach private classes and if you’re interested please contact me at (866)-563-3997. Together we can decide what is best for you. Many blessings my friend, Cherokee Billie

  2. This is such a beautiful piece. Thank you so much for a story that I will cherish. That I will tell myself. The story that I am deserving of a dream, of protection and love.
    It is a much better story than the one that has been grooved upon my mind. But that is the past.
    Now, I have an Angel Cloak.

  3. Thank you Cherokee Billie for the Angelic Gift. I gratefully accept this gentle reminder. Rudy and I are currently looking for a home. We have been blessed with good shelter for now, and ask you and everyone to pray for us.
    Peace, Love and Harmony

    • Teresa I will certainly keep your family and you in prayer to find a new home. Thank you so much for your comment. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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