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Life is like a Cactus!

beautiful flowers from the cactus plant
Life is a lot like these beautiful flowers from the cactus plant.
First you see the beauty and color of the flowers,
then you see the thorny spines of the cactus itself.

The cactus is a desert plant, sandy soil and very little water sources, but it thrives, produces beauty and under the most adverse circumstances, it produces water for those who dare to risk cutting it open to drink it.

Well, you are like the cactus plant. You have survived against the odds, protected your roots with prickly, horny spines, and against all odds you’ve produced amazing and beautiful flowers and water to those who were lost and thirsty.

You, like the cactus are an amazing person. Furthermore, you have produced
offspring just like you, and that legacy lives on in them.
What you have started, see through to the end.

In the face of adversity you have stood against it all of your life,
even when the adversity was the result of your own bad choices.

You keep picking yourself up and get going again
and the next thing you know you are blooming once more with beauty.
You can do it again, life is not over.

Just put your roots down deeper against the storm that came your way.
And in due season, the flowers will bloom again.
Of this, I am certain. It just takes time.

Points to ponder……….by Amber Ann Wright

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  1. Thank you for sharing! It was perfect timing. I forwarded it on to someone else who is going through a difficult time.

  2. Good analogy! It fits me to the T. Thank you!

  3. freelanceartist1950 said:

    Oh this is so true! Thank you Billie. bj

  4. Beautiful photograph and sentiment, both!

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