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We are the Music Makers
If a person decides to die with their music still in them, they have ultimately made a series of choices to play it safe in a land called “insignificance”. When you have the opportunity to spread your wings and fly, yet you choose to clip them instead and act like a caged bird you sell yourself short. Decide that living an unlived life is for someone else and not for you. History belongs to risk-takers, join their ranks and reach accomplishment. There is more inside of you that you need to let out.
Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie

Comments on: "Do Not Die with the Music Still in You!" (8)

  1. jo ann wright said:

    I totally agree!! Go for the GOLD EVERYDAY in life!

  2. So true, life is for living.

    • As always thank you for the comment. Yes, most people walk through life and don’t really live. That’s the point of this message to fully live. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  3. Cherokee Billie, thank you for inspiring me everyday!!! peace, cin

  4. Thank you once again for reminding me of the importance of my nature. Sure what you say is a must.

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