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Many people have passed away early! When we look at the sky, we LOVE the idea that they look back at us. They are closer to you than you think. We remember them often, at night, when we look at the stars..a date..a song..Some where..a smell. A memory of those who left us. ALWAYS LOVED, deeply missed.. Remember there will come a time when you are reunited with those that you love. As a psychic medium I have talked to many deceased loved ones for people, and it is quite amazing what those that have passed into spirit have to say. Click Here to Read some of the Messages That I Have Received from Those in Spirit.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. I truly believe this and thank you, it’s the holidays, and this time of year is hard for me and also on other people, I miss both my parents so much, but I know that they’re both together and very happy. Thank you for your friendship and your daily inspiration. Have a blessed thanksgiving…. Love, Dena M. Brown

    • I know this to be true. Holidays are difficult for people. My family has all passed and it’s an emptiness inside that cannot be replaced. I keep you in my prayers and pray for you to find work quickly. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  2. Thanks Cherokee for posting this, its such a comfort to read.

  3. Oh… lovely to read!! I hope ___ visits you occassionally 😉 xoxox

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