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Today I write to you about a topic that I rarely write about, me. First, I want to tell you how much I appreciate all of you who follow me.

For the past six weeks I have had to receive medications intravenously daily for six hours a day because my body will not absorb them well enough otherwise. These were ordered to be done in my home because I am unable to be transported to the hospital. You see, I have been bedridden for the past 22 years from an accident and having Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease and a long list of other problems. My family has all passed and it is up to me to make sure that I am taking care of. I have to pay caregivers to take care of me daily. The sickness that I am in the midst of now is compounded by these health challenges that I face daily. I do not know how long it’s going to take for me to recover. I have been unable to work because I lost my voice in this illness and have exhausted any money that I had coming in because I can’t work.

I Want To Give A Shout Out Of Thanks To All Of My Friends And Followers From Facebook Who Sent Me Prayers And Beautiful Messages Supporting Me During This Health Crisis.

My friend of twenty years Emily has stepped forward and offered to do my psychic readings for me. Now This Is What A True Friend Is! Emily has run her own successful psychic business for over 25 years. Emily is being very gracious in sacrificing her time and doing readings for my clients and not accepting any money from me for her help.

Emily normally charges $3.95 per minute for psychic readings, but to help me she is doing the readings at my rate of $1.85 per minute. She is doing this for free for me to keep my business going and allow me to recover.

Emily is very good at getting into the head and heart of the people you deal with and telling you what’s there, in detail, so you will feel where they are coming from and what they are doing next, and why. She analyzes the situation in minute detail, tells you why he acts the way he does and what works to make it happen for the best. Click Here to Read More about Emily

If you do not feel you need a psychic reading but would like to support my spiritual ministry you can submit a donation. As most of you know I work very hard all the time helping others and donate as much time as I can doing things for others without charge. You can make a donation on my website, Just look for the PayPal Donate button on the left side of my website.

I will continue doing readings as my health permits. I know that I will have to rest for quite some time before I can go back working as hard as I’ve been over the past year. If I survive, you are still all mine! Emily is not keeping you! I love and appreciate each one of you and want to continue doing what I’ve been doing for years, inspiring people, and helping them to change their lives.

Thank you for reading my post.

Many blessings,
Cherokee Billie


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  1. Billie, I didn’t realize you were so sick, I will keep you in my prayers you have been there for me, and I’ll be there for you, I get paid on the 14th, and I will donate what I can for your ministry. I love you, and I will pray for you. Take care…. Dena

  2. I pray for your health restoration with light and love.

  3. Emily sounds like a great psychic and lovely person. You know I am thinking of you and know how hard things are. I wish you love, health and light.

    Bless you

  4. I am sure that every single reader will be sending you extra-strong healing energy. What state are you located? It helps for me to have a target point to keep in my mind’s focus.

    Extra strong vibes have escorted this message to your inbox! I
    Siempre, Lisa/z

  5. Dear Cherokee Billie: I am so very sorry you are so sick. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to the Great Spirit to make you whole. Live in the Light, my friend.

    • Dear Vivienne:
      It is so good to hear from you and I know that your prayers are heard. I hope everything is going well for you and your fur babies. Thank you for thinking of me.
      Sending you blessings of light,
      Cherokee Billie

  6. Maggie and I are sending healing blessings your way!

    I can’t tell you how much we (Maggie & I) appreciate your support for our blogging ventures. We appreciate all the tips you gave me that allowed me to find a voice for Maggie & I in the blogging world. We’re are now read in over 52+ countries around the world thanks to your early practical advise on how to start out. Woof Woof <3<3

    • Thank you both so much for your kind words and the donation. That was a real blessing for me. I’m so glad that I have gotten to know you and Maggie. I enjoy reading what you write every day. You two have some interesting adventures. Many blessings and love, Cherokee Billie

  7. ps. OOPS
    typo>We’re-are “We are” now read….

  8. Dear Billie, I would so love to meet you in person. I’m not really a betting person, but I bet we’d have a lot to talk about, something just tells me. I not sure but I think we are about the same age, I was born in ’51. That alone would be something to talk about, lol.
    I know you said you have been bedridden for 22 yrs., but when you are up to it, are you able to get into a chair once in a while? Maybe go for a car ride?
    Forgive my memory, but didn’t you loose you kitty a while back or was that someone else? How long will you be under going these treatments that you are doing and are they helping?
    Are there any holistic methods that can help, or are typical medications the only ones they say will help? I know i’m asking a lot of questions, but I can’t help but feel there may be other methods of treatments that may suit you better.
    Healing wishes and angels to watch over you, blessed be.

    • Dear Lynda: Yes, we are the same age. I am sure that we would have a great deal in common and perhaps someday we will speak. No, I am not able to sit and I cannot be transported. No one knows for sure how long it’s going to take from me to recover at this time. I need a lot of rest, but unfortunately I have to keep making money to pay for living! My cat has been seriously ill, but she is getting much better. Thank you for asking. I am doing everything holistic as well as medical for my condition. Thank you so much for your comment and for caring about me. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  9. I am so sorry you are sick and to not have family must be so hard.I sent a donation and pray you are well soon.

    • Dear Pamela:
      Thank you so much for your donation. You’ll never know how much it is needed and appreciated. You are living a life filled with compassion. Yes, it is extremely difficult to make it in my condition without family. I miss my parents every day. I look forward to you being here on my blog and your future posts. God bless you.
      Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  10. Dear Cherokee Billie, I just do not know what to say in moments like these…. I knew you had health problems, but when we talk over the Internet, we never realise what is really going on. You are always so creative and your words are so uplifting, that it is hard to think how you can bear all this. I haven’t been around due to professional reasons, but I often think about you and how you have silently helped me over the past three years. I am grateful and lucky to have met you. I pray you will recover soon – please never give up! Your light has ignited so many lives! Love, blessings, strength!
    Karina de Cillo

    • Dear Karina:
      It is so good to hear from you again. Thank you for your kind words and I’m glad that I have gotten to know you over the past three years. I met so many lovely people here on my blog and it’s amazing that you still like to read what I post. I knew you had to be very busy, but I’m so glad to hear from you today. You make me feel good knowing that I have inspired people and helped them over the last few years. I appreciate your prayers.
      Many blessings my friend, Cherokee Billie

  11. robjam972000 said:

    I always hate hearing when you very ill. I wish I could help you more :-/ I hope you have lots of friends and support people around you. You give so much and I pray that you will make a full recovery. I’m sure you will 🙂 Love as always 🙂 Susanxoxo

    • Dear Susan: thank you for your kind words and prayers. I do have a few good friends and Emily is one of them. If I make it through this one it will truly be a miracle! Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  12. I’m sorry you are very ill.It is hard to know what to say but please know you are in my prayers and thoughts love & strength take care spirit blessings xxx

    • Dear Norma: Thank you for thinking of me. I appreciate being a part of your prayers and I will let people know how I’m doing. This is just not going to be a very fast recovery. I still keep working on posting throughout the Internet. It’s just difficult for me to speak at this time. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  13. You are in my prayers for a quick and smooth recovery… you are a good and kind person.
    I wish you well, always!

  14. I very much like your blog, Cherokee Billie. It gives hope, accuracy, new perspective. Thank you for giving your heart out. Hope with each day you feel better.

  15. Cherokee Billie,
    I’m praying for your healing! May God give you the strength to get through this. And may He bless the hands that treat you, and give them the knowledge to heal you. Amen

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