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Tomorrow marks the 43th anniversary of the passing of beloved 60s actress, Sharon Tate. I became a fan of hers in 1967 when I saw her performance in Valley Of The Dolls. She stood out from all of the others in the movie not just because of her beauty, but something within her made me admire her. By all accounts, she was a remarkably beautiful, kind, and down-to-earth person. She was also a talented and bright rising star as well as an expectant mother. She was a popular model in the 60’s because of her outstanding beauty. She never had a bad word to say about anybody. Everyone who knew her loved her.

Roman Polanski has stated that he still remembers her and the time that they were together as the happiest in his life. He said she always carefully packed his suitcase and whenever he travels he always remembers that.

It is a huge disservice to Sharon’s legacy that she is often remembered for the wrong reasons. Sharon Tate was so much more than just a murder victim. I believe that a greater emphasis should be placed on the amazing life that she led during her all too brief time on Earth rather than focusing solely on her tragic death.

You will always live on in the hearts of your loved ones and devoted fans. Gone, but never forgotten. Here is a lovely video tribute to her.

Sharon Marie Tate Polanski January 24, 1943 – August 9, 1969


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  1. Thank you for posting this tribute to Sharon Cherokee. I remember my mother telling me her story when I was younger, and she has always stuck in my mind. Every so aften I think of her too, and wonder how she is doing in spirit. You are so right Cherokee, she should be remembered for the right reasons and not as a murder victim. She was lovely.

    • Dear Tarryn: She was definitely a beautiful person inside and out. I know that she is at peace and her gentle spirit guides many. I was in Las Vegas the day this happened and it just floored me because I had admired her so much. I loved her look and style. It is worth remembering the beauty of someone and not focus on the tragedy. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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