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Most people do not think about the fact that our bodies are just a vehicle for our real self, which is a spirit. We are attached to this third dimension, which is material, and we forget that there are other dimensions and facets to life.

Because we are spirits, we are far more than just our bodies and this world. We focus on what our body needs and wants and forget that there’s something else going on inside. Our spirits need attention and love every day.

* Do you feed your self every day?
* Do you take a bath or shower every day?

If so then you need to start thinking about feeding and cleansing your spirit. It’s so critical to realize you are inside of a vehicle, and the spiritual side needs to be nourished, cleansed and loved. Many people do not really love themselves and they are looking for love in every face that they see. Real love is within us, and it takes some work on our part to find the source of love inside of us.

When we die, we discard this body, and we become a spirit. Death is the birth of your soul. In the spirit world there are no genders such as male and female. We are pure energy, light, and love. We can take on the semblance of who we were in life or even someone or something else. It is quite unlimited.

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Comments on: "We Are Spirits In This Material World. By Cherokee Billie" (7)

  1. Yes this is very true. I love what you said about us being pure energy, pure light and pure Love.

    Thank you Cherokee

  2. Andréa♥MJ said:

    Dear Cherokee,
    When I disincarnate how do I know if that person or pet that I want to find are real or just my imagination?

  3. robjam972000 said:

    Great article CB 🙂 I would like to to read more about your Astral projections and what you have experienced in the spirit world….. Susanxoxo

  4. Thank you so much for your comments and I’m glad that you liked this article. I apologize that I cannot answer each one of you, but I am busy working on a new layout for new website and it’s taking up a lot of my time. I appreciate each one of your comments and thank you. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

  5. gold account said:

    Unlike the average “Ken” or “Barbie” in the straight world.. who can subsist fairly well on surface-level (even trite) explanations of Reality.. all homosexuals are literally FORCED to develop a spiritual philosophy of some sort, in order to survive the moralistic judgements handed down by the religious community. Perhaps the only really important thing about it all is that it WORKS for you; if you already have found a happy self-integration of the two genders within yourself, and some level of comfortable self-respect in the society around you.. then you have done your work quite well already, and we congradulate and “cheer” you!

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