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Sometimes intuitions are your hearts way of telling you something’s not right… Your eyes are the confirmation of your intuition!!

Mothers Intuition- The amazing ability to know something’s up, even though your children think you have no clue 😉

Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.

Always follow your intuition. If you are convinced to go against what you believe is right, then you aren’t just being played by a fool…you become one!

Your head tells you what to think, your heart tells you what to feel, but your intuition tells you which one to listen to.

Believe that your intuition will never fail you.. listen to it.

Your heart and intuition somehow already know what you truly want. Everything else is secondary. Have the courage to follow them…

Do these things my friend and you will never go off your path!

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  1. (sent to the wrong post earlier, perdon!)

    several times my intuition saved me from physical harm; once, within seconds of setting foot in a little village in guatemala, i had an extreme urge to leave. an hour later, the foreboding feelings were worse, and i listened and left. (and felt better immediately) a week later the entire village was buried i a mudslide.

    the last time I ignored my intuition and listened to others’ counsel, it backfired and bit me hard. it taught not only me, but also those others who surely regretted playing an innocent role in an ugly story. if only i had stood behind my statement, ‘i have a bad feeling about this.’

    Thanks, i enjoyed this post and agree 100%!

    • Zee what an amazing story about listening to your intuition! So many times we are given messages and we ignore them. And as you stated when you listen to others it always backfired. Each one of us receives messages it’s just a matter of tuning in. Thank you so much for your posts. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

      • You are so welcome! I am lucky that I am an artist and spend long hours and even days of meditative silence. When life is too busy, I lose that connection to my intuitive self. If most people would devote an hour or two each day to total silence, and allow their minds to grow still, they would also learn to tap into that intuitive side. They’ might also find a bonus of genuine happiness! 🙂 z

  2. This is the inspiration I needed. i just had something horrible happen to me, but I feel like something good is going to turn up soon. i feel it in my gut. Usually, my gut tells me something and later I find out what i was feeling was true. From now on, I’ll do my best to listen to my intuition. I was also just thinking about my intuition and trying to figure out how do i know if it’s the right feeling. I read your post and my question was answered. always trust your instincts. Than you so much and God Bless you.

  3. Hello, From the earliest I can remember I always had what I called premonitions. I knew when something was going to happen, new things about people by just looking at them, had many warnings, and when I went against them I always paid the price. I have learned when I have these feelings, intuitions etc… I better listen. One time I complained about this and now I have had to work hard to get what I call a gift back. It was just so heart breaking to know things, to walk in a room and come face to face with someone and know exactlely what they were doing or the kind of person they were bothered me. I did not know why these things came to me. Now I regret complaining. How can I get this back??

    • Stormy, I think you have to quiet your mind as much as possible and start listening to your inner voice once again. I believe you can get this back, it will just require some effort on your part. Meditation provides healing as well as hearing. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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