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The little girl lived in a small, very simple, poor house on a hill and as she grew she would play in the small garden and as she grew she was able to see over the garden fence and across the valley to a wonderful house high on the hill – and this house had golden windows, so golden
and shining that the little girl would dream of how magic it would be to grow up and live in a house with golden windows instead of an ordinary house like hers.

And although she loved her parents and her family, she yearned to live in such a golden house and dreamed all day about how wonderful and exciting it must feel to live there.

When she got to an age where she gained enough skill and sensibility to go outside her garden fence, she asked her mother is she could go for a bike ride outside the gate and down the lane. After pleading with her, her mother finally allowed her to go, insisting that she kept close to
the house and didn’t wander too far. The day was beautiful and the little girl knew exactly where she was heading! Down the lane and across the valley, she rode her bike until she got to the gate of the golden house across on the other hill.

As she dismounted her bike and lent it against the gate post, she focused on the path that lead to the house and then on the house itself…and was so disappointed as she realized all the windows were plain and rather dirty, reflecting nothing other than the sad neglect of the house that stood derelict.

So sad she didn’t go any further and turned, heart broken as she remounted her bike … As she glanced up she saw a sight to amaze her…there across the way on her side of the valley was a little house and its windows glistened golden …as the sun shone on her little home.

She realized that she had been living in her golden house and all the love and care she found there was what made her home the ‘golden house’. Everything she dreamed was right there in front of her nose!


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  1. robjam972000 said:

    Aww, beautiful little story to remind us to be happy and grateful for our family and life, thanks CB….Susanxox

  2. several times my intuition saved me from physical harm; once, within seconds of setting foot in a little village in guatemala, i had an extreme urge to leave. an hour later, the foreboding feelings were worse, and i listened and left. (and felt better immediately) a week later the entire village was buried in a mudslide.

    the last time I ignored my intuition and listened to others’ counsel, it backfired and bit me hard. it taught not only me, but also those others who surely regretted nudging me into an innocent role in an ugly story. if only i had stood behind my statement, ‘i have a bad feeling about this.’

    Thanks, i enjoyed this post and agree 100%!

  3. ps. i have no idea how this ended up on the little house post! the internet is so slow today, that the ‘send’ button hasn’t worked this morning, so the reply to your ‘intuition’ post has been in queue for an hour or more! perdon! z (the little house story was a good one as well!)

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