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It’s hard to believe that Jim Morrison has been dead for 41 years. In the short 27 years that he lived he left a major impact on the world. He said, “No one will ever forget me, Ever.” And what a true statement that has been. You can go to any country in the world and sing a few bars of “Light My Fire” and people will instantly recognized that song. If you show people a picture of Jim Morrison they know exactly who he is.

He lived a hard fast life, but he left so much behind that has inspired so many people. There are those that love to judge him because he drank and did drugs, but that is not the sum total of the man. He was a philosopher, poet, Song writer, and singer. The magnitude of work that he left behind shows that he did not spend all of his time stoned out of his mind. He understood his purpose in this life and knew that he would not live long. How many people understand their purpose in life at the age of 18?



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  1. Lovely tribute for Jim Morrison 🙂 Is he still one of your Guides CB? xoxo

    • Dear Susan Glad you liked my tribute to Jim Morrison. Yes, he has not left as a guide. Thank you so much for your comment. Many blessings, Cherokee Billie

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