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Princess Diana will long be remembered for her kindness, gentleness, beauty, and humanitarianism. Today on her birthday let’s celebrate her life and what she gave to so many. I know that she would be very proud of her two sons.

Here is an amazing and inspiring quote from a beautiful woman and an inspiration to so many…..
”Carry out random acts of kindness with no expectation of reward; safe in the knowledge that one day, someone might do the same for you.” – Princess Diana

This is so true. Whenever you do kindnesses expect nothing in return and that is how the blessings come in to your life.

In 2007, marking the tenth anniversary of her death, her sons, Princes William and Harry, honored their beloved mother with a special concert to be held on what would have been her 46th birthday. The proceeds of the event went to charities supported by Diana and her sons.

Continuing her charitable efforts is the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. Established after her death, the fund provides grants to numerous organizations and supports initiatives to provide care to the sick in Africa, help refugees, and stop the use of land mines.

So here are a few facts. Diana shook up the British monarchy and speeded its modernization. She helped to tear down prejudices about AIDS. She raised awareness of eating disorders. She promoted opposition to land mines. These are pretty hefty achievements for a woman of little education who mocked herself for being “thick as a plank.” Add to these a more dubious accomplishment — her skillful manipulation of media images — and it’s clear why, so many years after her death, Diana remains an inescapable presence in British life: mostly, but not always, benign; a restless and seductive ghost. It’s time to peer into the many corners she still haunts.

In her charitable work, Diana set a standard that’s hard to equal. She ignored the prevailing prejudices and fears about AIDS to clasp the hands of sufferers, and embraced leprosy patients in Indonesia. Arbiter remembers a visit to a home for the blind where Diana noticed that an old resident was crying: “She asked what was the matter and he said, ‘I can’t see you.’ So she took his hand and put it on her face.”

Her beautiful spirit will always live on. She will always be the Queen of Hearts!


Comments on: "Remembering Princess Diana July 01, 1961 to August 31, 1997" (7)

  1. “She took his hand and put it on her face.”
    One sentence summarizes her genuine beauty! Z

  2. A lovely human being, who will never be forgotten. Bless you Diana.

  3. Princess Diana will always be the Princess of our Hearts. We love her always xoxox


  4. Anne Denton said:

    Our beautiful Princess Di will never be forgetten. She had charm, grace and a heart so full of love. She taught her sons that although they were born to a life of privilege, others were far less fortunate.She took them to shelters for the homeless and homes for drug addicts to prove this point. Both Prince William and Prince Harry both carry on her legacy and Prince Williams new wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge has already been taken to the hearts of the English people. Like Princess Di before her Kate also has a truly caring heart.

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