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May 2012 Horoscope

An unexpected financial boost should help to brighten your spirits after the 18th. Work-wise this is an especially lucky time for you and anything you undertake is forecast to have a really positive long term effect for you.

Travel and love mix well this month but it may also mean that you go into the red without realizing it. Try to forward plan a little more so that you don’t end up red-faced.

Changes are indicated throughout this month and you are going to have to be prepared to go with the flow and to listen when others talk, which is a trait you have yet to perfect.

Your financial matters may need looking into carefully. Take care not to be too extravagant at the beginning of May as you will need your cash flow to be flexible if you are to enjoy what life offers you from the 16th onwards.

A sustained effort is needed if you are to get through all of your work. You can make a great deal of progress if you put your mind to it this month. Very good influences are around where business and financial matters are concerned.

Avoid any form of gambling or speculating this month as it is not a lucky time to take chances with your money. A relative or friends may ask you to join them in a new venture and this could turn out to be the very project which leads you to your fortune.

Cancelled plans in business after the 22nd turn out to be a blessing in disguise. You come into contact with someone who could play an important role in your future, so try to make sure that all first impressions are good ones.

You appear to have a lot on your mind just now and need to have a serious discussion with someone close to sort things out. They’re really not worth your time or energy and the best reaction you can give them is to give none at all.

A surprise gift or windfall is forecast but be careful not to go into spending overdrive as it is only by saving and not squandering your money at this time that you will get what you want from this year. Favors you have done for those you work with may not feel appreciated but trust me, they are and time will prove this fact.

Some sort of upheaval is apparent in your surroundings and could interfere with your usual routine. Be prepared for hold ups though as things will not go as planned and it will all work out well in the end. Socially everything seems to happen at once and you may have some difficultly fitting everything in. Working as a team and bringing honesty to the fore is the key to you making the most of this month.

The recent romantic unsettlement that you have had to endure is practically at an end. Children are more prominent in your chart and you may find yourself getting involved in a decision which could well alter the entire course of their life. Trips to places new help you to take off those blinkers you’ve been wearing and to realize that you still have lots of life to see.

Financially this should be a very favorable time for you, but be careful not to spend money on unnecessary items. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture and you will soon see that it’s worth drawing in the purse strings to get what you truly desire instead of making do.

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