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Let’s Begin With Today

Let’s all begin with today,
by making amends,
to whom ever it may be,
whether it may be family or friends.
I ask that all of the ugliness,
be left behind and alone.
Without darkness, and moisture,
ugliness, as with fungus, cannot be grown.
Out of the darkness,
it takes just one sparkle of light,
and soon this unwanted anger,
will soon be out of sight.
Both kindness, and compassion,
I’d rather seen grown,
and along with all these emotions,
only love will be sewn.
We are all born, of
the human family.
So, then none of us here,
can ever be perfect you see.
I, among some others,
have made our own mistakes.
Understanding for others,
is what forgiveness, and new beginnings takes.
Until we all can look into,
the mirror and see perfection,
please, put a stop to this ugliness and hurt,
and lets build a more loving, and strong connection…………..

I pray this message is heard from within the hearts needing this and that we all find our path, more loving and compassionate towards all in creation, and we all find the strength to make the changes needed to walk in a sacred manner. With much respect and love to each one of you, Cherokee Billie

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  1. Beautiful prayer! Thank you for sharing it!
    Karina de Cillo

  2. godspeedn said:

    You have done it again…. just what I needed to hear today. How do you do that?!

  3. godspeedn said:

    This is hard to do when you give of yourself over and over again BUT it is seen as a sign of weakness just because you put others’ needs ahead of your own… not only is this emotionally draining for the giver but the giver is the one that usually gets hurt in the end.
    It is hard to let go and forgive mistreatment by the recipient, but the giver has to quickly forgive, or face being torn apart inside and becoming bitter and mean themselves …
    I know it is not good for the soul to harbour pain, anger and resentment BUT other people’s selfish, mean-spirited actions make life really sad (especially when they are members of your family or people that you love).
    The challenge is trying to figure out what to do with these relationships so that you don’t become bitter and resentful…. knowing when to pull back before getting hurt is also another challenge. It is difficult to shine your light when there are so many negative people swirling around you.
    May the Lord continue to shine the Light of the Holy Spirit around me to protect me and prevent me from becoming mean and bitter, despite my circumstances.

  4. godspeedn said:

    P.S. — I know that I am NOT perfect myself, but sometimes I feel misunderstood.
    My only consolation is that I know that the Lord is with me always, He understands me, and that I am not alone in this Earth journey.

  5. robjam972000 said:

    Mee 2, thanks…. Are you reading my mind CB? 😉 xox

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