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April 2012 Horoscope

Improvements are indicated in your health and you should be feeling particularly active. Wait for further developments before making a decision about a future plan. New people you meet will bring you a lot of pleasure this month. Don’t sign any contracts or documents this month as Mars is playing some games and it could be your downfall if you don’t read the fine print.

This month may start off quietly but it will not continue that way for very long. Certain close ones are liable to disrupt you in the nicest possible way and your circle of friends is joined by some very colourful characters. Newcomers are apparent in your surroundings and you make an important new contact who can help you make that all important crossover in your career.

You have the opportunity to branch out in a new direction and you should be bold and take advantage of this. There may be a slight disappointment, but someone else will make up for it. You can afford to splash out on something this month which you could not in March and you finally start to find your feet in your career.

A good talk with someone this month could help to open your eyes to a situation you did not know about before. It is up to you to be the peacemaker in the family if you want to keep the harmony. A lot of people are indicated in your surroundings and you would appear to be in the limelight.

Your commitments appear to be piling up and you will find it very difficult to fulfil them all, so try to make a list of your priorities sooner rather than later. It’s sure to give you the confidence you need to make the most of what lies ahead of you this month. New options to old work problems can be found by social links and trips away or gatherings which you would usually say no to. Take a chance. Destiny is waiting.

You will have to work extra hard to get everything done. Those around you may hamper your efforts but I know that you have what it takes to complete anything before you. Money you spent this month seems more of an investment than anything else, and although you may feel as if you are not receiving any thanks or visual rewards for your efforts, you would be wrong.

You should be able to sit back and let others do some of the hard work for a change. About time too after all the stress and efforts you’ve had to put into your life lately. You’re taking the blame for something which was not your fault and this is the month which will see you putting this right. Can it be done quietly? No. But it can be done with grace and manners so don’t lose your cool.

This appears to be an especially lucky time as far as children and family are concerned. Don’t let others push you to do what is not your responsibility in the workplace. It would seem that some of the signs this month are looking for a scapegoat, but that’s not a role for you to play. A younger person’s accomplishments make you feel really proud, so let them know how you feel. It can make all the difference to what their next move will be.

It may be necessary to leave certain jobs you finished for the time being as there are more important things to attend to. Around the 15th is an especially lucky time for getting contracts completed and finalised to your approval. Don’t try to secondguess the next move of new people in business as they may have more inside knowledge and support than you think.

You may have a desire for more excitement and should take the initiative yourself and organise some outings or get-togethers. Discussions in the family circle the first week of April promise a perfect game plan for a successful and happy future. New avenues in your career open up, which may require you to invest your own time and money. Do it, this is the opportunity you wanted three years ago but could not find.

You appear to be in a starring role this month. A lot of attention and therefore a lot more people are around you than usual. It may be best to conceal your true feelings in order to keep the harmony in your surroundings. Be careful that you’re not being played for a fool in work. Don’t do others’ work for them and don’t take the blame for things which are not your fault. It’s time to take in the full view, Aquarius.

Someone needs you to themselves as they celebrate a milestone or turning point in their lives. The arrival of someone from your past actually helps you find closure after the 21st. Time is short to get your job done and you must not cut corners, so make a list of what has to be done and ensure you stick to a timetable to save face and reputation.

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  1. Looks like a pretty good month for us Arians. Thanks Cherokee.

  2. I like my scope (Taurus)! hehe 🙂 And Maggie likes hers (Aquarius-she’ll play a starring role)! 🙂

  3. Love to both of you!

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