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April is Autism Month

April is Autism Month, commencing with World Autism Day on April 2, and every year, it’s an opportunity to celebrate and be involved in helping raise awareness about autism spectrum disorders.

Autism month is all about celebrating the achievements and diversity of people in the autism community and raising awareness in the wider community.

Autism has been a hot topic this past decade, thanks to celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and autism groups calling attention to the disorder that affects about 1 in 88 American children. Autism advocacy groups will be working hard this month as April is Autism Awareness month.

One way to spread awareness is to change out regular porch lights with blue-colored bulbs

I ask people to share a video, message, blog or link to tell their own stories and answer the question: What does autism mean to you?

Use social media to spread the word. Change your Facebook profile pic and status.

Host a party with a blue theme.

Display a poster at your local cafe or business to let everyone know it is Autism Month.

Bake a cake, ice it blue and share with family & friends

Autism is still widely misunderstood, which is a big reason why a whole month has been dedicated to the disorder. A mother of an autistic girl told the Huffington Post, “I think many people hear ‘autism’ and think Rain Man,” said Melissa Miller. “The autism spectrum is so vast, and all of our children are different. Many of them don’t rock back and forth or have savant skills. They are sweet, affectionate, intelligent, goofy—and exhausting—kids.

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  1. Lets hope they find a cure for Autism soon. It must be very scary for a parent to find out that their child is autistic, since as you mentioned a lot of people still dont know much about it, or what causes it.

    • Dear Tarryn:
      All we can do is pray that someday there is a cure found for this condition. I have friends who have autistic children and it is very hard, but they love their children and work to provide them as normal a life as possible. One of my clients is autistic and he’s a young man in his mid twenties and he’s done quite well over the past four years that I have known him. He has accomplished things that others would never think of. I believe with a strong mind and good support people can overcome many problems.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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