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Everyday Things
Spend 5 minutes each day relaxing and meditating
At first just concentrate on your surroundings, the sensations in your body and the feeling of tension dissolving. As you get into the habit you may like to play music or a visualization CD, and extend the time to half an hour. But always remember that ten minutes per day are worth much more than an hour at the weekends – your subconscious is a creature of habit and responds best to repetition.

Get outside in the fresh air for 5 to 10 minutes a day
Walk, take deep breaths, do stretches. As time goes by, try to increase this, so that you walk, or run for up to half an hour. Make sure you get out into nature each week. If you are a city-dweller make this a weekend routine.

Treat yourself …
To a massage or full spa break.

If you feel under the weather …
Try acupuncture to realign your energy-pattern.

If you find it hard to think positive …
Try hypnotherapy with Cherokee Billie for a wonderfully relaxing experience that can change your mind at a deep level.

Sign up for a yoga class
It does wonders for all sorts of complaints, increases your sense of the spiritual and can help you lose weight.

Choose an exercise that you like, and do it.
Dancing to your favorite tunes every day for ten minutes in your living room is much better than taking out an expensive gym subscription that goes to waste. Be honest with yourself about what you like and can realistically accomplish.

Avoid diets
It’s so negative being told what you can’t eat and having to plan calories can have you obsessing constantly about food. Instead focus on positives. Make sure you drink two liters of water per day and have loads of fruit and vegetables. You won’t have the room, or the inclination, to eat bad stuff.

Ancient Rituals

Rub essential oil of range …
into a candle, or heat it in an oil-diffuser. It will lift your spirits.

Leave a glass of water in the spring sunshine …
for half an hour, then drink the energy of the growing light.

Light a bright yellow candle
Watch the flame. Imagine the resurgence of life within the earth and imagine that the light of the sun is shining from your own solar plexus. Say “I welcome the bright sun, inside and outside.”

Wear sunstone …
to combat seasonal affective disorder.

Try ginseng and/or licorice …
To banish fatigue, green tea for oomph, peppermint or rosemary teas for gentle stimulation. Avoid anything that contains caffeine, for the temporary high will be followed by a low. (Always read labels and consult a professional if you are using ginseng or licorice for more than a couple of weeks)

To combat fatigue and lethargy…
Use acupressure (a softer form of acupuncture, using pressure alone) Press the ‘valley’ of softer tissue between the hard skin located below your big toe and other area of hard skin below your other four toes. Press hard and deep, ten times, both feet. Practice this, as the area becomes more sensitive with stimulation.

Use Bach Flower Remedy hornbeam…
To relieve that “Monday morning” feeling.

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