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March 2012 Horoscope

With March the scent of spring begins to gently fill the air and time for a new beginning. Read your Monthly Horoscope to find out what the upcoming weeks will hold for you.

Try to avoid major decisions and be especially careful with money. You come into contact with a wider variety of people than usual which is sure to make for a far more fun day to day living than usual. Financially things are not very bright so keep your spending to a minimum until more facts come to light about what you’ll need to lay out after the 19th.

You will enjoy being in the limelight and cope admirably with any challenges which are put your way. Don’t rule out making up with someone you have fallen out with sooner rather than later. You are sure to look like the bigger person if you do. Time taken out to look at new ways of doing your job are sure to be an asset to your future.

Older people may need more of your help than usual, so try to spare some time. The 11th to 16th appears to be a busy time for you and other people may prove to be more of a hindrance than a help. Relationships are pretty heavy gong at this time and it is up to you to make a special effort to resume some air of normality. If you can lead the other person is sure to follow.

A face from the past appears to play a prominent part in your romantic affairs. Health matters could take up a great deal of your time as you realize that you need to look after yourself before you can look after others. You come into close contact with some new people at a social gathering which makes you feel torn and that you have to choose between those you knew well and those you’d like to get to know better.

A recent resolution may prove to be more difficult to keep than you had anticipated. Persevere as the end results will be well worth the effort. Holiday plans are in the making and prove more adventurous than ever before. Making time for family is also important though, especially with a face who you know has been feeling out of sorts lately.

Career-minded people enter your life that make you up the ante and this is a great month to try to get ahead and achieve something which you have been aiming for a long time for. Last minute changes of plans may be inconvenient between the 10th and 15th but they are sure to be well worth you dancing to the beat of others tunes, once you know what the personal repercussions will be.

Stop playing those games Libra! Surely you should have learnt by now that it only leads to you getting your fingers burnt? Many of you seem to think that you have the right to mess with other people’s property but make sure that those you are flirting with are free please, or you could end up damaging that Libran reputation long term and not just short term. Try and play by the rules this month – it will be worth it!

You may have to fit in with someone else’s wishes in order to keep the peace. A younger person may need your help and guidance and this may mean you taking time out of your professional life in order to help their personal one. Do it Scorpio, aspects suggest you’ll regret it if you don’t. Wear red for luck in family confrontations with that character you know is so strong and opinionated mid month.

This is the beginning of a new phase for you and a much brighter one, my friend. You will gradually turn your back on the past and become involved in a completely new future. More people than usual are apparent in your surroundings and it is up to you to organize things if you want to liven your life up. You hate the predictable and this is one month which is anything but that.

Be careful not to underestimate your power of attraction. There are more people than you realize who want to be a part of your life and heart. Using old skills to make new funds is the way forward for you this year. It may mean having to contact someone for a reference but they are simply a stepping stone on your road to success, so try to focus on the bigger picture.

An ex can’t get you off their mind and may make some sort of a move towards getting you closer together again. Nights out you have with friends from the past can keep you up to date with ex’s and can also let you know who is free that was not previously. Many of your sign may be looking up some old numbers in order to chase those you once admired from afar. You need to remember to keep looking forwards this month.

Some sort of upset is apparent in your romantic life and this seems to be mainly to do with the fact that there is a third party interfering in your affairs. Take control and don’t allow well meaning but naive friends to tell you how you feel. You’re a strong sign and to be walked over in this manner is not doing any good for your confidence my friend.

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