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Davy Jones of the Monkees died February 29, 2012. I was a teenager when the Monkees came on the scene in August 1966, which was the best summer of my life.

I fell in love for the first time in August, 1966 with a young man named Gene. Before the Monkees weekly television program came on the song “Last Train to Clarksville” was released and made a big splash on the music scene. This song had so much meaning for so many because it was the height of the Vietnam War and many were going off and leaving their loved ones behind, which this song beautifully reflected. When the Monkees television program debut in September 1966 I was with Gene and we laughed to their antics and enjoyed the music.

The Monkees songs were melodic, catchy, and many have endured over the years. The first two they released, “Last Train to Clarksville” and “I’m a Believer,” became No. 1 hits. So did “Daydream Believer,” on which Jones sang the lead and which Dolenz told The Associated Press four years ago remains the Monkees’ most requested song at concerts.

I loved all of the Monkees from the beginning, I did not have a crush on any of them, but I loved their comedy and music. Each week Gene and I would watch the program.

After that summer Gene parents and mine did not want us seeing each other because we came from different racial backgrounds. We managed to see each other secretly for quite some time, but eventually our parents won and we were not allowed to see one another anymore.

When I heard the news of Davy Jones passing yesterday I couldn’t help but go back to that wonderful year of my life and experiencing that magical first love with Gene.

I always thought of Davy as a sweet and kind man. He had been acting and singing all of his life and he was a natural entertainer. He was never known as a drug addict or alcoholic. I believe he was blessed to be able to pass into spirit in his sleep.

His death reminds me of how quickly time goes and what a brief moment we have on this planet.

I want to say thank you Davy for all of the joy you brought to so many people in your life, me included. I’m sure that you’re with the rock and roll choir in heaven right now. Blessings to you gentle spirit.

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  1. veronicahaunanifitzhugh said:

    to davy, my english hanuman


    when you were a simple monkey
    asked to deliver a single bud,
    you brought a field of asian amber flush.
    your unbridled devotion
    thrust you to monkey god.

    now, you divinely intervene
    and bring me messages of him.

    i find him in a soup kitchen
    baking apple bread in a
    t-shirt depicting two quarreling
    monkeys captioned,
    “double talk.”

    he loves me and focuses on
    monkees rerun marathons
    late into the night preserving
    our chaste, intimate love.
    tonight’s virgin viewing is
    in your honor
    and cinematic eulogy,

    humming your swanee river,
    i shiver with relief that
    my heart no longer attacks.

    thank you,
    for the anthem bouquets
    of my youth.

    • Dear Veronica:
      What a beautiful tribute to Davy Jones. You are truly gifted and thank you for sharing your thoughts about this gentle soul. I wish I could write poetry like you do! The Monkees were a part of our lives because we saw them each week on television. They made us laugh and dance. I appreciate your comments .
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

      • veronicahaunanifitzhugh said:

        Dear Cherokee,

        Thank you for your kind words about my poetry. When someone touches you, it’s easy to pay them tribute. 🙂

        • Dear Veronica:
          I do agree when someone touches you it can inspire you to write. That was why I had to write this first thing this morning because Davy Jones did touch my life and he was a good man. I appreciate your being here.
          Many blessings,
          Cherokee Billie

  2. Entertainers like Davy Jones add color and excitement and joy to the world. We all should value these people instead of trying to tear them down. Like MJ said-“what would the world be like without entertainment? Not a world that I would want to be apart of”. I don’t know if I quoted him verbatim, but the gist of the message is there!

    I actually did have a crush on Davy when I was a kid. I fell in love with his British accent, joviality and silly humor. And the music of the Monkey’s was wonderful.

    There really is an amazing choir being assembled in Heaven right now! In Heaven everyone gets a front row seat! 🙂 Catarina

    • Dear Catarina:
      It is so true that entertainers bring joy to the world. I believe that is their mission in this life. How sweet that you had a crush on Davy Jones. He was so cute and sweet. I love the music of the Monkees and that often surprises people because I like Classic rock and roll and they were considered light weight. They had some amazing songs such as: The Door Into Summer and Questions Without No Answers. These were not the most popular songs but if you listen to them you will hear the depth of their work.

      I look forward to being in that front row in heaven. It’s going to be quite a concert!
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  3. I always enjoyed the Monkees. My friends and I would watch the shows at home and then talk about them at school the next day. Even though they performed funny antics and got themselves into goofy situations, I enjoyed their music the most……that was my favorite part of the show..although the looks they could give, the jokes, etc….so funny. My favorite song is “Daydream Believer.” I had a crush on Mike….I was in 7th grade….. at least I think so when their show first aired…..what can I say…I was in junior high! LOL Through the years, I would see Davy appear on different shows…sitcoms and variety shows. I always liked him. Thanks, Davy, for sharing your talent, smile, and humor with the rest of us. I agree that entertainers come into this world to give us joy, happiness, awareness of issues, and escapism. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Cherokee Billie.
    with warmest regards to all of you,

  4. I loved the watching “The Monkee’s” as a kid… I remember laughing and laughing at their silliness and fun and of course the music. Davy and Mickey were my favourites. Thanks Davy for giving us so much joy, fun and laughter. RIP xoxo


  5. Anna and Susan I appreciate your comments and thoughts about Davy Jones. All of us grew up watching the Monkees. He will always be remembered for the happiness be brought to so many. I’m sure he’s playing the tambourine and dancing and singing right now!
    Many blessings,
    Cherokee Billie

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