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Today is Leap Day!

Today is Leap Day! If you were born today, you can get by with saying you’re one-fourth of your actual age. Imagine how handy that will be when ordering off the kids menu! Of course, you might have some problems getting into that R-rated movie.


* No year that is divisible by 100 can be a leap year unless it can be divided by 400. The year 2000 was a leap year the year 1900 was not.

* Leap year babies born in the year 1884 did not celebrate a single birthday on their actual birth date throughout entire teen age years. February 29th fell on the year they turned 12 and then not again until they turned 20.

* In 1288, Queen Margret of Scotland ordered that any man who was proposed to on Leap Year’s Day and refused the proposal could be fined either a kiss, a silk dress or a pair of gloves that were to be given to the rejected woman. So a woman who was extremely unpopular could fund her entire wardrobe by proposing to a lot of men she knew would refuse her.

* Astrologers believe that anyone being born on February 29th has unusual talents and personalities befitting of their special birthday.

* People born on leap year’s day are called “Leaplings.”

* Anthony, Texas is the self proclaimed leap year capital of the world. Every year this little town that sits on the border of New Mexico holds a festival and leap year birthday celebrations complete with a carnival and hot air balloon rides. People come from all over the world to celebrate their special birthday in style.

* The chances of having a leap year birthday are 1 in 1,461

* There are approximately four million people in the world who were born on February 29th.

Famous Leapers born on this day include bandleader Jimmy Dorsey, singer Dinah Shore, actor Dennis Farina and motivational speaker Tony Robbins. Now, go wow your friends at the Leap Year party. You do throw Leap Year parties, don’t you?


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