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by Cherokee Billie.

When cyber bullying is mentioned people, often think of teenagers on the internet. Well, it goes far beyond teenagers playing around on the internet. Cyber bullying has become a hidden evil that sick, weak-minded people use to exert power, fear, and control over someone.

For quite some time I have been following on Facebook a Native American Elder, who is terminally ill and is spending his last days leaving messages that he is receiving from Spirit. We have become good friends and speak on the telephone. I have never seen such courage and commitment to help others as this man has given during his short time left on this planet. Every day I look forward to going to his page and reading the messages he is receiving from Spirit. The visions he is receiving are far reaching into the future, and I do believe the messages he is channeling are coming directly from the Divine Spirit.

His health is fading fast, and he only has a brief moment left to his life. A few weeks ago people started attacking him on his page and accusing him of being a liar about being terminally ill. I know how sick this man is because he has written his diagnosis to me, and I have spoken to him. They also started attacking him about his visions and his Native American heritage.

This has stressed him beyond what he can take, and he has removed himself from Facebook. This is a sad loss to the thousands that followed him daily. I called him the other day to see how he was doing, and he was struggling to talk, but he was so confused as to why he was targeted for such attacks. I told him the ones who attacked him are nothing and they have to exert their power over someone, so, of course, they pick on the weakest. I said prayers with him and we hung up the phone. Often when you are dying, your mind becomes confused, and this beautiful brother has managed to stay focused despite being on heavy narcotics for the pain that he is in. I admire him tremendously.

Cyber bullying does not just hurt someone’s feelings; it is also attacking someone’s spirit. Spiritual attacks are very real because of the negative energies that dwell in many people’s soul. We are spirits inhabiting our bodies, and when something attacks us personally, it goes down to the very core of our existence.

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  1. I can never understand bullying its the act of a coward. I know you were bullied here on the www too Cherokee, and am sure there are the few who still do it to you. I wish your friend all the best with Love and light.

    • Dear Tarryn:
      Thank you for your comment . Yes, I have gone through cyber bullying attacks. People who do this are very immature. I hope you read the entire article because it’s a beautiful message this Native American brother received from spirit that I am sharing in this article. I consider it might tribute to him for all he has given to me.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. Thank you for this message, Cherokee. I really needed to hear this one. I am NOT a supporter of the Keystone XL project and I try to educate my “Friends” on the negative impacts that such a project could bring upon the environment and health of humans and wildlife (inc. the destruction of our water and air supply… things that we need to survive). As a result, supporters of this project have felt the need to send disparaging Facebook messages to me; they have even encouraged me to stop spreading the word about the Keystone project on Facebook. I find this hard to do because I feel so strongly about this topic and I care about the health and quality of life for future generations. I want our beautiful planet have clean air and water for centuries to come. I realize that people are acting from a place of fear… I understand. I just want people to look at the big picture and become more educated about saving Earth and our planet’s natural resources.

    I continue to post things on Facebook about this issue and I know I will probably continue to hear from more disgruntled “Friends”… I just wanted to let you know that I hear you, loud and clear.

    I am sorry to hear about your friend’s experience with social media; it is very sad and I pray that he finds comfort in knowing that he has such a good friend like you to talk to during this challenging period in his life. May God bless you both.


    • Dear N:
      I’m so glad you found this article helpful. I don’t know what the keystone project is that you were talking about. I’m sure you’re doing something that is beneficial to others. People always tried to stop those who are doing good. Look at the life of Jesus for an example. You just have to keep remembering these are pitiful people who do not have the nerve to do anything personal or face to face. Continue your good work. Thank you for your kind thoughts about my friend. Every time I call I’m always amazed that he is still alive, He has such a strong will to live it and help people. He truly is an amazing guy.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  3. Thanks for your encouragement, Cherokee. Make no mistake, a few people have spoken to me about their opposition face to face, in addition to messaging me on Facebook (while others haven’t said anything to me about their opposition to the project, face to face). Nonetheless, I will continue to attempt to educate as many “Friends” as possible because I know that there are some people out there who feel the same way I do about saving our planet for the health of future generations.


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