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So many people feel they do not have a way to express their grief over the loss of Whitney Houston and I am going to share ways that will help you deal with grief. It’s important that you continue to live a full life and be thankful that Whitney shared a portion of your life. It does not matter who you are grieving for, the techniques I have given below are going to help. So here are some thoughts that I have put together that I would like for you to focus on to get over grieving.

Focus on Whitney Houston’s music, and videos, not her shortcomings or the rumors about her death.

Don’t believe everything you hear and read. Respect her for what you hear of her music and her videos and don’t listen to the gossip. The pain will ease but never lift.

Whitney shared a magnetism and connection to her fans that transcends any physical place or structure.
Whitney could give you a smile that would melt your heart or make you believe you were the most special person in the world. Remember her presence will always be with us.

The best way to remember her is by literally paying attention to the message that she conveys in her music videos and songs.

To me music is a therapy, and I listen to music that has a positive message and it heals my spirit.

The Important Thing Is Learning How To Cherish A Memory Without Getting Stuck There.

A Healing Meditation

Sit in special place that you make your sacred space and prepare yourself with your own special opening ritual—for example, a prayer or the lighting of a candle or incense. You may want to spend time voicing your emotions, releasing feelings and balancing your energy—so that you can focus on the pure intention of giving your love to Whitney.

When you feel centered, close your eyes and visualize Whitney’s face. When the energy of this experience is at its height, send a beam of unconditionally loving energy out of your heart to Whitney. You can imagine a beam of light or a color, but pay special attention to the sensations of power in your heart moving out towards Whitney. Hold this feeling for a few moments, leaving your own concerns aside in order to devote all of your energy to simply wishing Whitney the best.

When it feels appropriate to end, ask for help on your own journey ahead. Give thanks for the love and support that you know is always there from your loved one, your ancestors, and your spiritual guides and teachers. Give thanks even if you can’t see the way ahead and even though it may be hard to know what to feel thankful for.

Asking for help calls energy in; giving thanks sends it out. Your heart is the doorway for this universal rhythm of loving. By keeping it open you stay connected to the most powerful healing of all.

I pray that everyone who grieves for Whitney Houston be touched by the healing Angel Rafael. Remember Whitney doesn’t need healing as she is whole and complete in spirit.

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  1. This is such a wonderful meditation to do for those who have passed. I always do a meditation very similar to this one when someone dies, I used it for my family members.who have passed, for my beautiful dogs, for Michael and Princess Diana and, many others as well as their famiies who are grieving.

    I think it can be confusing for people when they feel such grief over someone they never knew. I know I felt that way when Michael died ( he has really touched my heart) , but I realised that its not uncommon to feel grief for public figures, because these people do touch our lives through their music ect. and their presence in the world.

    Thank you Cherokee and bless you.

    • Dear Tarryn:
      It is true that we do feel a connection to celebrities because they have become a part of our life. I think it’s wonderful that you have meditated for so many celebrities who have passed on. I know that you are strong in your spirit and your example is wonderful to help others.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  2. Dear Cherokee Billie,

    Thank you for taking so much care of us. Giving instructions on the meditation to heal our hurted souls is beautiful and worth trying. It is not so easy to stop this grief, though. And neither is it so small we can let the feeling go after a prayer.

    I do understand we must keep our lives going, and balance our emotions. However, when the person who passed has touched your heart in such deep and profound ways, it takes a lot of meditation to stop this grief. And somehow, this feeling might be our only company, is the only thing we have…

    In my case, I keep living my life, trying my very best to keep emotions balanced. The memory of the passed dear ones is sometimes the only connection I have with them. Sometimes, things become even more difficult, probably due to what I see, or a song I hear, or by anything that triggers the memory of them. It is not easy. I have tried to be strong towards death, but I have to admit: I still have a lot to learn about it.

    Thank you for trying your very best. Please don’t give up on people like me!

    Karina de Cillo

    • Dear Karina:
      Is important to turn to our spiritual selves when we are in despair. Meditation can quiet the mind and give us a greater sense of peace. There are many different techniques that can be used to help heal your grief. I just wanted to put up one of the more important ones. Picture whoever has parted into spirit as being happy and smiling at you.

      It takes time and practice for your feelings to heal. With anyone we love they’re going to be moments when we remember them and it brings feelings of pain. That is where it’s important to keep strong and remember life flows on within you.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

  3. That’s a beautiful simple meditation to use and follow, thanks Cherokee 🙂

    I was thinking about Whitney and feeling sad on Sunday night while I was having a bath and sending a loving prayer to her and as I was doing that I saw her image in my mind’s eye (she was smiling her beautiful smile) and seemed to express thanks. It made me feel not so sad 🙂

    Light and Love to everyone

    • Dear Susan:
      Thank you for sharing your experience of seeing Whitney’s beautiful smile as you prayed. Know that she is smiling down on everyone as she is in peace. Thank you so much for your comment.
      Many blessings,
      Cherokee Billie

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